Noble M600 – Sound!

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I filmed this Noble M600 during Top Marques 2011 in Monaco. This Noble M600 is powered by a 4.4 liter Volvo V8 engine and has twin turbo chargers. It weighs 2820 lbs and delivers an HP per weight of 4.3 lbs per hp. It produces a horsepower of 640 hp. It can accelerate up to 60 mph for only 3 seconds. Its speed can reach up to 225 mph.


garnettg35 says:

Way too much beauty to be on the streets. That should be on the track!

mrzkhan1 says:

Thats the exact same car richard hammond drove on top gear, it was a replacement asthe LHD one he had, well, broke… the clutch went and it damaged the gearbox bearings

Charlie Guna says:

is this the car that's made by those turnip farmers? cause they've damn done a good job

JDKEEL08 says:

0:37 take that gate

Hakaishin says:

Women , cars and money = Devil

Johnny Piston says:

Noble m600 drooooool. Just needs a nice set of HRE's…I dig everything but the wheels. Its like a super model with huge ass feet.

SuperCarsInNorway says:

@twztd28 Because it got 4 tail-lights it doesn't mean it looks like a 360 Modena. It looks more like A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!

Rexilogiletivch Chesterfeildingsworth says:

that looks like a car from burnout.

Wasabi King says:

@Paulchenkiller it costs £200.000. not a cheap car thisXD

twztd28 says:

@jm431 Except this would murder a GT-R with a good driver.

twztd28 says:

@jm431 Just because it has 4 tail lights doesn't mean it looks like a GT-R… more like a Modena

Mitsos Ts says:

Looks like a bad version of a Ferrari!

nabil Nabilien says:

@D34NZOR its a gillet vertigo, yeah look like a burnout car 😀

Greg says:

idk if anyone here knows this but he m600 is built with the engine from a volvo xc90. and thats a fact.

DtRockstar1 says:

Wow, that's a different sound! I've seen the other Nobles, but this one is much louder. Beautiful color.

Autofiel says:

@DkzFilmz Ben ik ook benieuwd naar 😛

Superlennyo says:

Ik hoop deze auto ooit nog in het echt tegen te komen 🙂
Hij klinkt echt prachtig!

Autofiel says:

@knupaw Thanks for the tip 😉

KNU says:

this actual car is now in a review of EVO driven by chris harris. you have to watch it!

soham sakalikar says:

the nobel…..
famous coz it dosent have those dumb computers monitoring what we do!

liftwaffe says:

I may be wrong but I think Yamaha had a lot to do with the volvo v8.Can anyone confirm or deny this?


nabil Nabilien says:

i didnt expect to hear a nice sound like that coming from that noble
Noble is a very unrated brand , what a shame 🙁

kevou says:

Oh my god oh my god! Noble M600! Geniaph, you have to tell us…

Do you have a secret ?? :p

cvdzijden - Supercar Videos says:

Vaag ding! Nooit van gehoord :O
Wel lekkere sound +1

Xander says:

dan vind ik dit wél een mooie Noble haha ! 😀 en het geluid is écht goed, veel beter dan de oude! super car +1

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