Noble M600 Speedster w/ LOUD Backfires Tune – Yamaha 4.4 Twin-Turbo V8 Sound!

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During the 2017 Festival of Speed there was this gret sounding Noble M600 Speedster driving up the Goodwood hillclimb course.
The car is powered by a Yamaha 4.4-litre twin-turbo engine (same engine developed by Yamaha for Volvo, named B8444S) which is able to produce 660hp at 6500 rpm and 820 Nm of torque. Enjoy its V8 roar joined by a loud backfires ECU tune on off-throttle!

I have to thank my friend and youtuber NM2255 ( for the great collaboration done during the event, exchanging our shots to make better and longer videos. Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel!

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– Camcorder: Canon Legria HF G40 + Canon DM-100 Microphone
– Event: Festival of Speed 2017
– Where: Goodwood, England

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AJ Wash says:

Volvo XC90 has the same engine just naturally aspirated for anyone wondering

RedLoFI says:

the fact that this engine (minus the turbos) is in a volvo 4 door is just amazing

Buddy Burton says:

Anyone know what cars other than this beast and a VOLVO S80 use this Yamaha 4.4 ?

where's the jump button says:

love it, but it's overrun, not backfire. Backfire burns backwards into the intake, and is really scary 😛 (I've had it happen in a project car)

Deez CM says:

I spunked myself.

Antoine Michel says:

I’m so sad we can’t get these here in America

Rickson D'avila Ma says:

It's hard to find a supercar these days that doesn't have a lot of complicated little things, Noble has created a monster that I dare say yes: it's a spiritual replacement for the Ferrari F40

a basic zombie says:

Sounds like 350-400hp and the owner wearing a suit and tie while filming himself doing burnouts and waving at spectators is hilarious. I’d rather see the McClaren and hear the F1 car honestly

Steezy Wunder says:

That XC90 sounds great

Simon O says:

Turbos on a Yamaha engine? Heresy!!!!!
But it's still Yamaha so I will learn to love it.

George Makris says:

Gotta love what Judd does to engines. He reworked this recently.

jaleger says:

Good to know that this is THE engine that my car has. Take a look how it sounds

StarHorder O S-D C F M says:

oh gosh thats good

Tomoko Kishi says:

Yamahas long time dream comes true.

Really Happenings says:

Cops would love the sound of all that gunfire

Cbr 3 says:

Japanese engine+explosions coming out of it's arse= ww2 flashbacks

jugernaut shaw says:

Best sounding V8 in my opinion

lieu Gebo says:

Popping and banging sounds like s***

Razer says:

Looks like a Ferrari! 😍🔥❤💪

R S says:

been drinkin but this car looks mad fast.

Tipper-C-P says:

This engine was used in the Volvo S60 V8 Supercar as it was used in the Volvo XC90

Mikeado66 says:

It's like a lower-revving Koenigsegg engine! Awesome.

GetUpFalcon says:

Man it's a looker.

Dixie Normus says:

7 dislikes?! How can anyone not like this absolute beast of a motor. It’s outstanding in my eyes. Favourite super car 👍😀

Derin Elmas says:

7 dislikes from Elon Musk and his tesla crew

drongo jonkins says:

Those backfires would get old quick.

Fernando Luiz says:

2:11 Michelin loves burnout

gman-na6 says:

Sounds a bit like the Bentley GT3 car

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