Nurburgring Prototypes TESLA ACTIVE AERO, Porsche 959, AMG One Etc

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Wieder ein neues video von der Nurburgring Nordschleife, dieses mal mit Industry Pool prototype spotting.
Streckenabschnitt: Brunnchen 2
Autos im diesen video:
Tesla Model S plaid active aero Nurburgring
Porsche 959 Nurburgring
Mercedes AMG Project One Nurburgring
2023 Honda Civic Type R Nurburgring
2023 Mercedes C63 AMG Nurburgring
2022 BMW M4 CSL Nurburgring
Porsche 992 Safari drift Nurburgring
2022 BMW M240i Nurburgring
Audi RS6 C8 Nurburgring
Mercedes S63E AMG Nurburgring
Aston Martin DBX S Nurburgring
Und vielen mehr!


Daniel Maier says:

Naja, bis auf den Tesla alles alte Verbrenner-Kisten

Sod 'em! says:

Whoever thought the pigeon-shit respray was a good idea?

JFK Window and Door says:

The best thing about being in a 2022 BMW on the 'Ring is not being the one watching it go by. I mean, really, who is styling those things?

1985 Honda CR-X Si says:

I don't even like Tesla and that looks cool

Gerhard Hoenecker says:

Plaid still doesn't look fast at the ring, plus that Wing is hilarious.

Better set up a Model 3 Plaid, the Model S is just an overpowered Tank.

s4awd2 says:

A video of absolutely beautiful cars until I saw the M3…..

Quube says:

0:58 anyone knows what car this is?

pavelmdify says:

Elon take my money

よりチャンネル says:

1:01 civic typeR??

xRegaL says:

10 minutes of total Eargasm 🤤

wesleyvo says:

So are we going to ignore that bmw finally fixed their front end??

Brandy911 says:

Lucky guy with his 959 !
Still my favourite car since 1986.

Emirhan says:

1:32 bmw starts the competition to make the ugliest car

Joshua Vas says:

Wow that plaid Wing is pretty damn huge…and the way it just goes into the corner…would be awesome if it wound up on the track pack!

J J says:

Sad to hear the massive difference in sound on these new OPF/GPF cars, especially when compared to the 959 seen in this video. 2018 was really the pinnacle of ICE performance car engineering (within the EU at least). Glad there are still a few exceptions, but sooner or later they will all sound like agressive air pumps or be entirely noiseless unfortunately…

Laplace's demon says:

Tesla Model S Plaid?

Detek Uden Bohlen (Kord) says:

Beautiful 🥰 Kord.

TheKiesa50JDM says:

3:35 that 2.0 liter C63 sound 😢

Doc A says:

F Elon Musk.

renato 57 says:


Максим Максюша says:

Эти перепады высот

Carlos Salas says:

3:28 biggets joke of the year 😂

ll-KYLIANGTA5-ll says:

Trop stylée la conduite de la Porsche

Willy Lamb says:

The acceleration of the AMG One onto that first straight of the clip…😧

Joshua Lozada says:

The active aero on the Tesla looks SICK!!!!

Johnbosco Okpala says:

Man pushing machines to the limit! Nothing sweeter than burning rubbers!

Matt S. says:

Imagine that's your job…..jealous

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