Official Jeep Super Bowl Commercial | Jeep Jurassic

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Marvel at the unmatched capability of the All-New 2018 Jeep® Wrangler as it goes head-to-head with the mighty T-Rex, in our 2018 Big Game Commercial. And, see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, in theaters June 22.

For more than 75 years, the Jeep name has been indelibly associated with freedom, authenticity, adventure and passion. These are vehicles for “ dreamers and doers” – forging extraordinary, uncommon bonds between themselves and their owners, because adventure is found in every Jeep vehicle’s DNA. The Jeep badge stands for more than a brand. In truth, it’s a badge of honor.


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OmG SicK Clipz says:

How dare Jeep use dinosaurs this is the worst case of Dino-Appropriation ive ever seen im appalled! -Dino Lives Matter

J.E.M as James Edward McDonald says:

i love t-rex

1,000,000 Views says:

Such a great Tide ad!

chocolatewheelchair says:

He’s on mescaline

nicole hansen says:

my dad and his company DDB made this commercial:)

kclowney97 says:

Way better than that ram ad

Rick MacQueen says:

This is still a tide commercial right?

Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera says:

Well, I don't think the t-rex is still interested in that old meat, to be honest. LOL

SkyBroSoldier says:

R.I.P Jeep, 1941-2017. She has now been claimed to damnation in the concrete jungle with the Land rover and G-class.

Lori’s Hartland says:

THIS IS EVERYTHING. Thank you Jeep for this AD ????

sid3kick10 says:

Nice Tide Ad

emrah şimşek says:

nice commercial.

Fedyuk. Fam says:

Подпишись на канал

DCMarvelFan says:

0:25 reaction just gets me every time! I'm dying! This commercial was perfect! I'll take this scene as a preview for the new movie! Hahaha!!!!??????

Trevor Phillips Industries says:

The tables have turned on you Rexy

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