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The SSC Tuatara is officially the world’s fastest production car. With an average two-way speed of 282.9 mph over 2.3 miles, SSC broke the standing record of 278mph. This happened last week while testing at JBPG in Kennedy Space Center on SSC’s quest to break 300 mph.


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Case in Point Sports TV says:

imagine a smoother runway… those tires were skipping in many spots. 300 on new runway

Caster Troy Madrid says:

The bugatti is still faster doug

Beast mode 20 says:

I think they only gave them that much of a stretch because they know they can go over 300 but people don't want them too, that car can easily go over 300 and I can't wait to see the day they do

Damon Harry says:

Somebody’s gotta triple check that data. U know these guys are dodgy as hell. Can’t even count ! How they gonna build a reliable supercar!

ramesh anand says:

My heart rate went up after he got to 230 mph. What a machine!

Hanzo MLBB says:

Me all the hark work spending money to buy koenigsegg and then a new car have break the record
Me:goodbye my old friends😢😢😢
Koenigsegg:(same like goodbye 2020)
Tuatara:welcome my dude3 (i put 3 just for fun☺)


The Dark Side says:

It's fast in a straight line. Who cares. Ripping off European car design inside and out and patting yourselves on the back afterwards. Crass!

r e v e l a r e_ XVII says:

So we’re not gonna talk about Bugatti’s 304 mph run?

Seo Jean-Yves Vincent says:

This car was moving left and right like a plane before the take-off. Now this looks more like a Lockheed Martin or Boeing area to me. These people are insane. Respect.

Carlo Moro says:

no, we still don't respect you

El Queso de la Queseria says:

wtf the record is 304 mph by bugatti's chiron, this is not of all the speed record, wtfffffffff

Akira Tetsuo says:

Great comp in the supercar company, this thing sounds mega, great job by America but as an Irishman can't wait for Koensigg to go into hyperdrive, what a comp

Hayden Dahl says:

My respect for SSC is back hopefully they can get a longer straight next time.

Michael Dorner says:

Absolutely thumbs up to these guys for producing the fastest production car in the world never-the-less awesome guys

Michael Dorner says:

I've always love to cars but the only thing that I really appreciate is practicality….. No supercar should be driven to it's potential on a public road…. Therefore looks and sound beats performance everytime hands down….. Koenigsegg twin turbo V8 Rumble and sexy body all the way


The world record is over 300 mph so you got aways to go there…

Master-G Big says:

There was a time when I would have thought, "Wow"; That's cool', but; now I think it's stupid. So much time, energy, and money spent on building the world's fastest production car. Honestly; is this what we really need right now? To believe that there is some kind of redeeming value in this endeavor would be a striving after futility. To what application could this vehicle be used to justify its creation? It is frighteningly embarrassing to ponder such a state of dementia as this is, and at what point was commonsense omitted from the thought process? Surely; these are intelligent individuals involved in this project, however; each one of them is devoid of the plight of humanity. Their not striving to better the plight of mankind, but; to embrace a euphoric vanity of speed and style at the cost of neglecting virtue. There has to come a time where there is no longer anyone to cheer them on for doing so much that amounts to nothing at all.

Atrik 1st says:

Somewhere in the future: they can't even pass 1/2 of 1 mach😂😂😂

Neil Dearci says:

How about Tuatara vs H2R😁

Jesse Kutesa says:

Finally, now this has officially began the tournament

BlitzNile-Zen Absolute says:

Nice run! Hope it reaches 300 soon….


Algum br por aqui??

Matt Smart says:

Still a long way short of 300!

Jhon Rey Dela Cruz says:

If only they can do this at the track where Bugatti did theirs. this road looks too bumpy and too short

Prajwal Raj says:

Can't wait for the Koenigsegg jesko to break the record

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