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Old Top Gear 1990 – Lexus LS

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Chris Goffey tests the Lexus LS and sees what advantages it has over the main rivals, the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S Class and Jaguar XJ. Taken from season 13 episode 12.

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Cyba IT says:

Those magical illuminated dials though :p

Costa Zambaras says:

Gosh old Top Gear SUCKED outside of Clarkson. This reminds me of a mind numbing and boring geography video I watched in middle school. Good lord this guy BLOWS

M H says:

It is interesting that in 1990 (the year I was born) there we're flagship luxury cars without air conditioning. In the US as of 2018 I don't think you can even find a new car that doesn't have air conditioning regardless of price.

HirAjEm PMPL says:

If you are wondering why Merc and BWM doesn't have many extra options its because that's how it was in 80's and first part of 90's. German cars were coming very basic even in highest class and you could buy many things additionally but at high price. That's why Lexus could succeed at that time because their cars were coming at the same price but loaded with extras. I remember back in 1994 my dad bought Lexus GS300 and he couldn't really say he doesn't want AC because it wasn't optional. Anyways one of his friends bought BMW 735 one year later. He paid around 30-40% more than my dad paid for his Lexus and id didn't even had electric windows. They were extra 2000 Deutche Marke which was pricey so he didn't order them. He also didn't get leather/electric seats or very good stereo system. Meanwhile our Lexus had not only electric leather seats but also heating and several positions you could programme, we had great stereo system, electric steering wheel regulation, electric sunroof, electric mirrors and few other options that this BMW didn't had. In fact all that BMW had was a AC as I remember my dads friend saying he wont be paying extra 2000 Marke for electric windows because he has AC so he wont be using them too often 😀
And that BMW was actually 7 series so higher class than our Lexus which was equivalent of 5 series. But in all classes of German cars you had that phenomenon happening, now you are buying S-Class and its loaded with extras you didn't even knew were in existence.

motomusiq says:

Love that demonstration with the glass of water – reminiscent of Lexus' champagne glass ad

Brock Wayne says:

You can STILL spot these on the roads in 2018. You CANNOT say the same about the rest of those.

Dewey AI says:

And almost 3 decades later, they have convinced many ?

GMBH Germany says:

That sheep doesnt even look at the left?

Michael Rawson says:

I've driven over a dozen LS400s in my professional life, including some long journeys, and I have never, NEVER been disappointed by any of those I've driven. I'm a Jag man really, but I've loved the LS400 unashamedly for nearly 30 years. Sensational cars.

smasila says:

I love how hypocritical the British are. They put down the best built
cars ( most of which are Japanese) while they have produced the worst
cars ever built.

Georgi Ivanov says:

How are they comparing a 1990 Lexus to 1979 cars? Especially when shortly after this came out the new generation.

Riku Savolainen says:

Good thing is you can buy that Lexy for around 5000-8000 nowadays.

mohshehri says:

Lexus is the best among them all

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

It's an amazing car even now in 2017…smooth engine..power and luxury for around £1000.

Diesel 8290 says:

The Lexus is a legend. I still know quite a few of them cars on the road, and them v8 fourcam engines are legendary for reliability and motorsport use these days

Spaghetti says:

It amazes me how now those interiors look so Damn dated except for the Lexus, room for a double din touchscreen to modernize the cabin unlike the others.

Antonio romero sch says:

not air condition?

Empire State says:

This was when top gear was pure and uncorrupted.

Tom Smith says:

That was a proper car review, I remember when these Lexus came out, I was only 9 but loved cars and was in awe of its sophisticated looks and size, the merc, Beamer and jag are great cars (up to and inc this era, and not after) but I do think the japs leave us standing when it comes to genuine bullet proof reliability and standard equipment levels far exceeding other cars, even now, compare a new toyota MPV to a Ford Galaxy, Toyotas are in league of their own

Grover Mcwilliams says:

my car is the Lexus 400

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