Ordering A Pagani Huayra #shorts

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Here is how you order a #pagani #huayra #supercar #cars #carbuzz #shorts #fyp #foryou #foryourpage


Johnny says:

For the low price of 2.5 mil.

M.E says:

That’s mine.

heiiehheiieh says:

Bro why would anyone care if the table is made of carbon fibre?

Strong lightweight table? Why?

Taliesin Potter says:

Bro you could've googled what Atelier meant instead of making shit up, french isn't exactly an uncommon language lmao

jeremias de vera says:

It better be for that price

Nick Vann says:

I'll take my 65 Ford Fairlane over this P.O.S. any day.🤗

Beluwuga says:

"Atelier" it is named after a tailor who makes a suit for you… this guy bruh…

M 1967 says:

What’s so amazing? If you accept anything less for those prices you’re paying then you’re a clown.


All that just for it to sit in your garage and collect dust while some kids civic he dumped a couple thousand dollars into gaps you on the one day a year you bring it out


Belive it or not, JAGUAR is the same way. Fucking Jaguar

MAS zeppelin says:

I just want that mini toyota electric car

jay r says:

Invest your cash in crypto forget this pagani bs

lro001 says:

I don’t know why I clicked on this knowing dang well I CAN’T afford it 🤦🏾‍♂️

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