P2 – Homemade Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo.

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After finishing the roughing stage in the previous video, the homemade Bugatti is beginning to enter the finishing stage. The details of the car are adjusted and replaced, reworked to be more complete and this takes a lot of time ….
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Edson Abreu says:

Parabéns 👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Franciel Silva says:

Ficou pesado

Kuba Duczyński says:

THIS IS NOT A CHIRON. ITS BUGATTI VISION GRAN TURISMO. Its based on Chiron but its not that same

Emporio Polary says:

Pourquoi j'ai pas eu ça à faire pour mon bac de chaudronnier ?
On m'a fait faire un barbecue c'est un ptit peu moin stylé.

Golden camera says:

Следующее видео: ЖИГА в домашних условиях

YoungFlexerz says:

Cool but nigga gonna be blind when its finished lol starring at the welder like that

RemmiGT says:

I'm pretty sure the experience won't be the same as driving the original one for two reasons:

1. This bugatti is gonna weight more than a grown up tank
2. Even if it drives nicely, the guy who built it won't be able to see anything after all this welding without a helmet.

rbirtaza Shahid says:

That's Amazing work so you can convert civic into baggati

Camilo Srm says:

Zero gloves

Beki Abdi says:

Me when I'm bored play gta with my friend
Chinese let's build a bugatti Car

Александр Дибров says:

эта тоже будет дорогой, так как ручная работа

Matias Villalba says:

Chinos no lo entenderías 🤣

stephen mcauley says:

Death trap.



Messaouda Boudissa says:

عندما يلتقي العقل والروح تكون كل المهمات دات قيمة معنوية. الاصدقاء الاختيار صعب ومستحيل .

皆川勇治 says:


mr I says:

This proves welding masks, and shoes aren't necessary in todays industry.

Christopher Allen says:

I want to place an order. And hey, buy welding masks with some of the profit.

Lars Birkemose says:

These guys works on tiled floors, and not on grassy knolls. That's cheating.

Пашка корчагин says:


Tribal says:

Where did you buy the engine

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