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The Pagani Huayra BC is the latest hypercar from the iconic Italian brand. evo’s Henry Catchpole takes you through the car here.

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Eric Lancer says:

it is ugly and ott a lot of money for an AMG engine?? get a Mercs

Aventanario says:

what is BC? Builders Club?

Sebastian Argañaraz says:

high tech engineering and superb design, it's what differenciates this brand from the others, and the price tag of course

PRIME says:

The rear wing is like the 'square in a group of circles.' Somehow it doesn't fit in because it's too rectangular, too hard-edged. The Huayra is a very "curvy" car. Perhaps a wing with more curvature would do it for me. I think the rear wing on this would work better on say the Zonda.
I like the regular Huayra better, especially the PT1 (the one that appeared in Transformers 4).

Mozart Lalanne says:

I absolutely hate the fact that a "track" Huayra now exists, the original Huayra is perfect as is, but damn the details here are stunning as usual. That matte white paint is arousing.

neverendingmods says:

I love the fixed rear wing on it. Reminds me of the Maserati MC-12 wing. Gives the car a "long tail" appearance which flows nicely at many angles. Just my thoughts. So much want.

neverendingmods says:

Pure art. Perfection if there is such a thing. The fact this thing is fully functional is hard for me to comprehend. I believe I need to drive it. Lol

Saswat S Nayak says:

wtf disliked this work of art bitch

SS8000cars says:

Our favourite car of the time. Not the fastest but plenty fast enough and the detailing and quality of components used inside and out is mind blowing! Salomondrin has to be one of the luckiest guys living. (See his you tube channel for more info on the Pagani),

giorgos hristidis says:

stunning looker..

BarryEssex says:

It's losing it's charm a bit. All it is these days is massive numbers; 800, 1500, 1100, 1000, 750 etc horsepower. And the cars are frankly looking hideous. Is this because of the Chinese!? Probably is, they have no taste whatsoever.

bigeve223 says:

unreal. f12trs level.

Michael Charity says:

I bet an LS7 would fit in that

Rob M says:

Wish I was rich, just to get that car!

President1303 says:

i dont necessarily think a wings looks bad on the huayra. its just the way this one's mounted onto the chassis which doesnt quite seem to fit really. wouldve much more prefered the wing à la zonda cinque which is mounted above the exhaust. because this one feels like its kinda ruining the flow of the rear fender…

Steve Hash says:

"Gone in 1.23 second "

Aleksandr Halas says:

i Love this new Pagani Huayra BC exhaust system. Made in Titanium, It weights just 2,9kg.

Aleksandr Halas says:

its really latest cars from Pagani or not

Adam Curtis says:

what a nice Mercedes. ?

Ponygt 662 says:

The irony is some Porsche with 600-650 Hp will go faster and some Dodge Viper too will probably beat it around track,

Sam Bowmer says:

Great to see a car with so much thought and passion put into it

Leonardo Cerda says:

My favorite car in Geneva this year by far.

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