Pagani Huayra BC first drive

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The 800 HP Pagani Huayra BC out in Sicilia and on Mount Etna during the first global preview of the car

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Abc Cba says:

Zonda is better than this shit!

Keegan & Cars says:

It you guys want to hear some epic fly bys – i've just put up a video of the Huayra BC on my channel – Cheers

Satchindra says:

The exhaust sounds like it has rocks in it. Crap.

ant sz says:

perfect work of art

Luke Sowers says:

Look who stole SpeedHunters logo/video

Mr. 2cents. says:

Does BC stands for British Columbia? Love those rims.

Q8 Fly says:

The wing doesn't look nice…

Lucas Reed says:

So basically they decided to make a Huayra that you can actually hear this time. 😛

Constructive Critique says:

I just love a great turning radius.

鋼然 says:

whats wrong with the rear wing

Amadeo Suyoso says:

I wonder what it sounds in the inside tho.
The original huayra was full of turbocharger noises to make the illusion of a jet.

Phillip Betts says:

That thing sounds amazing.

3Ddee says:

This riced out piece of shit. A wing? It has flaps! A fart can? Seriously?! They had to fuck up a beautiful vehicle. Dislike

Reginald R says:

the stickers = +25 hp

J Hardy says:

Its gorgeous.

matt pierce says:

that thing sounds mean! Idk what you guys are talking about. lol but I would probably take a regular huayra over this..

Duncan. M says:

I don't know how people can not like this car, complaining about the wing and what not. To me it's perfect

Nick says:

I love the wing i think its fucking badass

Alexandre says:

looks fucking horrid. Also… how many times can you move the steering wheel to do a simple turn? That's not a good sign

Raidensnakeezio says:

It's like that anime loli that matures into a hot character. The way I see it, the bodywork seems wider (at the wheel arches), which is a positive. The wing looks pretty cool. Might be ugly, but still cool. And look at that exhaust.

Frank Moore says:

Good lord those crackles!!

A Bagel says:

Fuck you all people saying "This car sounds bad" Or "The wing looks bad".
The wing is beautiful, and the sound isn't the best, yes, but deal with it. You can't change sound that easily, unless you're a wizard.

WBRos59 says:

I still don't like the sound

HisXlency says:

Do you know who whines about wings and other shit? People who cant afford it. This thing will be sold out if not already. It's a beast.

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