Pagani Huayra BC – High Speed Run

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Had the amazing opportunity to film this Pagani Huayra BC in action! With the new job at Pagani Beverly Hills I’ll be able to upload videos like these more often. Being around these cars frequently is something I will never take for granted! Thank you everyone for your continued support and please be sure to show some love to not only my instagram page, but to the Pagani Beverly Hills one as well!

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Br Uh says:

Why is the cameraman faster

Marcos Zambrano says:


can i get 20,000 Subscribers for my pet kitty? says:

A looks like can Run 300mph But irl Cant even reach 250mph

Kevin Parks says:

Your going places man, get ready…. Beautiful video…

Kevin Parks says:

Thank you…. 🙂

Superior No1 says:

Absolute Rubbish video 😈

trens prabhu says:

My bicycle will chase paganism😢

Flashy says:

What's the top speed?

Ian Daryl Nielbock says:

What is the speed recorded?

DIY Cinematographer & Musician says:

Have i seen IAF planes ..??
Awesome pagani zonda..

Phoenix 0638 says:

Is that practically fastest?

ابو وجدي says:

HD Super d d OS
Listerine Id sib
K Duo NG d o

Dilusha says:

I still can't believe they didn't set a record at the Nurburgring with this car. Zonda had many records in the past. But Huayra, zero. Can't even find simple 0-60, 0-100 times with this car. Hey Ric, since you've worked there, at least do you know how fast this car is?

Wheel Nuts says:

Great footage, edit and tune. No need to say but awesome car. Hard to get why so little views.

Sgt_Undead says:

Okay theres some scummy shit goin on here how tf was that a speed run and all your comments are from people who a desperatly trying to make your channel seem good if this is the way you do this. Just delete the danm channel

JUST JJ says:


Allen Saunders says:

I never think of any Paganis doing high speed runs

Seth Winters says:

What happened to the other 6 comments? I only see two others, but it says there's 8 comments. Wtf?

EA POV says:

Brooo that was awesome! Killing it!!🔥🔥

JayBR01 says:

Holy sh*t bro! Straight up art

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