Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante “flying machine” Blue BEAST delivery to Pagani Miami

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Special Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante (flying machine) Delivered to Kris Singh in Miami, also known as ‘lamborghiniks‘ on Instagram. Epic ride from Pagani Miami to Miami Airpor and back on 3 Pagani

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Big thanks to Pagani Miami Lamborghini Miami Prestige Imports for helping make this video!

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TheNoisePolluter says:

Everything is nice, except the stock exhaust…far too quiet.

Strictly gaming news says:

Now that’s a car

InsanyGonsalves [Gaming Xbox] says:


Mansa Musa says:

Crappy spec and a dickhead owner. Oh well

wig gle says:

The Rev is my new text tone

wig gle says:

Omg my passion has been renewed

quoc anh nguyen van says:

the pagani huayra carbon edition or the matte black carbon is so nice looking as well, apart from blue

Alex Cross says:

Pagani Zonda cinque and the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV are my dream cars. The Huayra is cool too.

Adam Bartoszek says:


James Waugh says:

Is that a key barrel in that lovely carbon door? Not even a Kia puts a barrel there

James Waugh says:

Colour combo is terrible the green in the flag clashes with the blue

Mike Beer says:

That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

Wesley Reed says:

OMG… Holy fuck… Jesus… That thing is fucking insane!…I can't even process the insane perfection… How all, ALL! If the carbon lines up… Holy fuck… That paint!

Zorak Mantis says:

Just perfect in every way.

SuperNelomar says:

Almost perfect… but the zonda has that title so pagani's still winning.

Holley Hawthorn says:

Wow, woe, wp, just WOW!

GuntPulp says:

I hope these people believe on the Death, Burial, and Ressurection of Jesus Christ, or this is the best thing they will ever know about life.

Tyrone Albertyn says:

One of the most beautiful pieces of art ever, along with the Regera

TheNoobWithASmallBrain says:

The reason why i love pagani's is because on my opinion its the best sounding car ive ever heard..

NewEdgeAI says:

Saw one of these at Sebring today. Damn thing was like a rocket ship

Vindow Maker says:

3 fucking years? Are you serious? That’s nuts. Kinda ruins the dream of someday owning one 🙁

Jalen Davis says:

If I sold my left nut, my kidney, and part of my liver on the black market, I still couldn't get a Zonda Evo… Fml

Shock says:

lol..@6:36 a karma (the great pretender) trespassing among desirables!

Aspiring Dictator says:

The world needs men like Horatio Pagani.

Raditya Indera says:

The BC looks a tad tacky to me. I like the styling of the regular and roadster one better. Much more simple and elegant.

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