Pagani Huayra BC Review

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The Pagani Huayra BC is a stunning piece of automotive art that’s a tribute to speed and performance. There’s nothing else like it in the world, and we got a brief chance to drive it.


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JordanMandas Official says:

It actually has 753 horsepower

joseph chop says:

And still no LED turn signals in the front

Evan Porterfield says:

1:22. a mini cooper was next to them

Sweettooth187 says:

Well, I'll never have the car, but at least now I know how to pronounce it.

Νεοκλής Παπαδόπουλος says:

Ι want to buy one but i dont have the money!!

Jay Smith says:

this engine is only used by pagani
engine made by 1 dude just for pagani
maybe the base block was used in others b4

EElectric_M says:

Out of the 41K people who have watched this video, none wiill ever even see one in real life.

Youzz a Muhfucker says:

This dude is an Asshole!?

"You Can't Have One!" #Savage

Bahaeddine Khalsi says:

0:11 lol

Justin P. Langston says:

The are certainly amazing automobiles and quite beautiful looking as well.

Jose Rosales says:

neither can you asshole

Siniša Graso says:

Majestic Car., Im in love with Huayra so much…now when I saw that BC edition it blows my mind away. Would love to see Huayra One to One edition…..something like Koenigsegg made with their Agera.

Stanley Jean says:

this car put some hair on my chest I need a rubber stopper under the throttle

Jomari Juaton says:

the time where they say its more lighter than a mini cooper theres a mini cooper on there side

Doug Maverick says:

Were you driving in Canada, Toronto area?

Alex Jones says:

That's a good salesman right there. You don't get that kind of knowledge from say a Ford or Chevy employee

cocacoladog10 says:

this car doesnt belong in america

fabri zio says:

wonderful car!

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