Pagani Huayra BC Roadster: Celebrating Zonda's 20th Birthday | Carfection

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Henry takes a look at the new Huayra BC Roadster at the 2019 Quail Motorsports Gathering, where Pagani also had a raft of cars on display to celebrate Zonda’s 20th birthday.

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christdragon says:

I always perfered the look of Pagani over Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. Harry Metcalfe sold his Zonda. This is the definition of "car porn". Thank you.

vishnu thipparaju says:


SpendingTimeTogether says:

6:35 ah, to be rich and oblivious😂

Angel Chavez says:

Una Delicia Pagani

Jameel Ja says:

The Zonda, especially the Cinque, is the best looking car of all time.

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Give it a lot more power or remove the turbos. That’s na power numbers

Conan997 says:

Those other people need to shut up, don't they know Henry is working?

CMDR Boom says:

For people of means who can appreciate art on all levels, just remember that this car is a bargain compared to, say, a Picasso. And this car is alive.
Can't rightly drive the Picasso home and continue to stare at it.

aaron garrett says:

How bout that douche and the bi*** with the parasol?!?!? #rude


lol, at all the rich assholes with zero respect just walking though the video.

Dino S says:

pagani or Honda Jet?

mrnicktoyou says:

They can’t recapture the excitement of the Zonda. Going turbocharged is the big culprit. Btw, those women in the background are so classy.

G says:

I think the Zonda F is the most beautiful of them all. I remember having one as my desktop background when it first came out!

SMIFFY says:

Damn editing!

Little B says:

6:33 Some comments say these 2 people are rude. It is too harsh.
I think they probably just haven't seen a camera / anything with a lens before.

itsBlack says:

I just saw 14 of these cars in Georgia all in one spot for their US Pagani Raduno. It tripped me out seeing these in person. It's on my channel if anyone is interested

Zak Khan says:

Waste of money

Palmer Off Grid says:

Electric cars are going to kill the high end car industry, its awesome…

We are all connected says:

3.7m and I'm still giving £3 a month to help provide water to villages in Africa

Keith Doran says:

And behind me, is a set of legsssss

Read my Lips says:

Aren't you going to test drive it?

Ayks says:

The cars are very eye candy but your pink pants are distracting

David Smith says:

Needs updating looking old now

Mark Nicholas says:

Ah yes, that memorable moment when Harry said "the excess on the insurance is £24,000". That must have focused the thoughts!

Saul Espino says:

Pagani has the worst looking stock wheels !

GreaseMonkey says:

zonda > huayra

Dodge says:

If I was tasked with making a 12% improvement on KPIs and I said "yeah, I can do that for a 450% increase in cost"…. I'd be out a job. Pagani get away with it because so many top end hypercar buyers don't understand the value of money.

2WheelsAs1 says:

That idiot in the end, I thought he was going to walk right into you. These people don't have any courtesy.

Peter Chiung says:

Pagani need to learn from Koenigsegg. Pagani is slow and too poor to come up with newer models so they keep pushing out as much of the same shit with minor carbon updates

dombower says:

There are not hatches with the same power as the first zonda

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