Pagani Huayra BC testing at the Nordschleife

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Samuel Smeltzer says:

Woo! the guy driving that has a workforce of minimum wage workers living in poverty so he can go round in a spensive car on a german racetrack! woo democracy!!

Alp Arslan says:

where is the new supra 😛

Automotive Mike says:

So fucking epic!

Wolfshark says:

Damn i miss the Zonda's insane sound. This is so generic and soulless.
Go watch "Pagani Zonda V12 – Amazing sound!!!!!!! – Nordschleife ", or ""Pagani Zonda 760 LM Roadster Fly-By" or any other video for comparison. Which one do you want to be passed by? Rhetorical question, really.

Greg North says:

The Zonda R power/weight is slightly better, and that managed a time of 6:47. Huayra's BCs twin turbos give it more torque, HP is about the same as the R, and the suspension is based on the R so it seems like sub – 7 minutes is feasible.

So many people complain about the sound of the Huayra BC and of course it can never sound like a Zonda. It seems like Pagani tuned the exhaust to deliver deep bass rumble at the low-rev range. It sounds better idling around town than on the track.

Other car makers have proven you can have a decent sounding turbo engine if tuned properly. Even the Ferrari 488 V-8 sounds better than the Huayra BC around the track.

HATE ME says:

that car isss sooo sloww

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