Pagani Huayra powered by AMG 6.0-L V12

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M158 Mercedes-AMG 6.0-L V12 BITURBO 800 HP 1100 Nm

Video by: @boden_autohaus


Mercedes-Benz Maybach Fans says:

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The Anime Libarian says:

Viewers: that’s not a merce-
YouTube: AMG engine close enough

king 5 says:

Interior 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Balson Naoshekpam says:

Super luxury

Toot Deville says:

Lucky a killer isn't after you because you'd be dead by the time this crap even engine even starts.

Paul Heitmann says:

It looks like a cheap wish copy of a supercar😂

Enrique Pais says:

Orrible una basura de plastico

Riffleur Tagatamanogi says:

La classe👌🤑🤟

Baron Whiteman says:

Would be nice if Pagani logo was on steering hooter

lewinmachado says:

What is just saw, was only light decoration, in million dollars 😂😂

Grey Hott says:

With this car the least thing you could do is make sure the doors don’t squeak

Alex Peterson says:

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Wesley Delimaduarte says:

Que carro é esse meu Deus eu quero 1 carro desse 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Farik xxx says:

Дверь закроется как жигули хахаха

Tufluxed says:

Worst spec interior ever.

ken pringle says:

Wow !!!😳
Is that a cars dashboard, or the starship Enterprise's?!


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