Pagani Huayra Roadster BC has a Very Special Key #shorts

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The $3.5 million #pagani #huayra Roadster BC has a very special key 🔑 #cars #carbuzz #shorts #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #supercar


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Freydson Ventura says:

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James says:

So like a tesla ?

Carl Lackey says:

By Mercedes key fob they actually mean dodge

Foreseen says:

Something you’ll probably find in the waste bin in a Chinese sweatshop probably

So4verage1g says:

Lol puhgaani

fdlfrs says:

Dude thr key is so lame

James aka Gabrielle Dockery says:

You can get a Tesla model X for $100,000 and it has a key that looks exactly like the car and it has more features than that I can open the door and the front trunk to the back trunk to the front door of the passenger door and the back doors in the back doors or falcon wing so the thing is so cool and you just press the side and it opens the falcon wing doors

Emar Baloush says:

The price like my car

Demetrios Papadopoulos says:

Meanwhile that fob is worth more than my car

Bocephus Regulator says:

3.5 million dollar car and you get a junk plastic car key. And all that money you got a fucking key slot in the middle of your door. Holy fuck people buy the ugliest shit

Kendall Hall says:

Does it have GPS so you don't ever lose it?

Chrisey Beast says:

Oh thank u! I have also had that problem when my Key looses the power, but I guess i can Just use the manual Key. Thx again😁👍

Faraday92 says:

Uhhhh the titanium bolts are cool and all….but it looks like worse than a die-cast car…. like it's two halves of a gumball machine hotweels car.

drescrubb says:

"Pegani thought of a solution. It has a seperate key fob in case your battery dies"
Car companies who have been doing this for years: 😐

Humanoid Weapon says:

That’s pretty gay

UrgentCat says:

Pagani used to be my favorite cars
But now its Koenigsegg

Degronos says:

That key fob is about 3 times more than I paid for my first car lol

10TO1 says:

I love people think anything is special because of the brand "titanium screws?!" Wow they really outdid themselves for 6k

wellbz says:

The key can lock and unlock the car wtfff

tseremed says:

Almost all cars have something similar. Also I don't have to carry a brick in my pocket.

Mr Bagel says:

Man I hope someone doesn’t unlock the door on my convertible with the top off

Mitchell Thompson says:

There is nothing special about the key besides that it looks like a rich man's hot wheels. Unlocking the door when the key is in your pocket is nothing new.

Chuy says:

That’s one hideous, giant key.

Tbow Flow says:

If your battery dies the car won’t open so you use a key … if the cars dead it also won’t start kinda stupid thing to say honestly “that’s why they added the key”

Education says:

For 6000 this is the worst piece of shit key ever.

Andreas Maciunas says:

My 2012 Toyota rav has basically the same shit. Except I can always keep my key in my pocket.

Idk lol says:

ah yes, a 6 thousand dollar push start car battery

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