Pagani Huayra Roadster vs Zenvo TSR-S

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This time I have filmed a red carbon naked Pagani Huayra Roadster in action on the drag strip, racing a against the high performance hypercar from Denmark: the Zenvo TSR-S. The TSR-S is a street legal version of the TSR – hence the ’S’ in the model name. It’s equipped with a 5,8L V8 that’s both supercharged and turbocharged, the peak power output is 1177HP. Result? 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.8 seconds, 0-200 km/h (124 mph) in just 6.8 seconds!

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Gumbal says:

Drop that flag! 🏁

Jeff List says:

Anyone else hate it when the camera zooms in on the cars as they take off? Makes it look like they're going 20 mph….stop that

芜湖起飞 says:

My two favourite sports car brands

wackydk says:

Love the looks on the Zenvo!

Carlos Alvarez Q. says:

No one tries to drift car around a curve

XiNeRo11 MjRm says:

Your welcome

blackston_11 says:

Gumbal, what car do you have? Like if you want to know!

juvestruga2 says:

The drivers who have much money, theu dont know how driver a super sport cars fact

Raul Lima says:

O lugar e lindo viu amigos e a brincadeira junto com as máquinas e amigos mais ainda abraço a todos

AUTO TV says:

Pagani's wings makes all the video!

S R says:

2 things.

Please put a damn camera at the end of the track or at least a time board. They film the whole entrance but can't invest in a damn camera for the finish line. How many times have I said this.

And, to the Pagani driver, put your roof on to at least stand a chance at a drag race. You have the roof on through the whole video then you remove the roof for the race.. why? Not heard of aerodynamics?? You pathetic man. People like you, kill supercars. Get a bicycle – you might launch it better. Jeez.

Philajerzy Motorhead says:

So I guess I’m the only person to see the pagani get cooked from the line. He guy on fastest car is right you can have all the money int the world million dollar car but if your a horrible driver then that means nothing

TheNegBaron says:

Le prix du plaisir !

speterj says:

Love the Paganis but they seem to never win drag races.

Muscle Car Guy says:

Huayra doesn't have the aggresive soul of Zonda. The car just doesn't sound right. Too much whoosh and that's just it.

Sebastian Weiss says:

Paganidriver is a joke 😀 discusting ..

Prashant Kumar Vijayran says:

shittiest launch of the decade

Alexander • Hace 49 años says:

El puto zenvo suena como golf 2

Judge Dredd says:

Lol the goal here is to trick the drivers and make the launch as complicated as possible hahahahaha

RogueCookiie says:

Nice Spec on that Huayra Red Carbon Fiber

Ilaria Mancadori says:

Ma chi guida la pagani? Topolino?

Table 55 says:

When u’ve got an aventador svj but nobody is looking at you

David 777x says:

El pagani es rapido
Pero el que lo maneja no sabe condusirlo

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