Pagani Huayra Trunk Test #shorts

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How practical is a $3.5 million #pagani #huayra Roadster BC? 🧳 #cars #carbuzz #shorts #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #supercar


Calve Arvind says:

Huh, it has enough space….just not in one place. Pretty interesting

Gaara says:

Surprisingly practical

Owen Man オーウェンマン says:

If your rich enough to own this, you probably got a 2nd house wherever your going with everything you need

coewhat says:

No dedicated space for gold bars??

@Aang says:

This car scares me and gives me a mini heart attack

Chris Lira says:

Ah yes, The daily grocery getter

PM says:

This doesn't matter to anybody!

Manjit Singh Bendeshah says:

Ya mom I want this to bring veggies for you

Jason Lee says:

Not worth 3.5 million at all

The710Salmon UwU says:

Pagani: yes make the car purpose built daily
Engineers: doesn’t daily involve storage?
Pagani: give me cubbies and bags

StukinNorCal says:

No hidden holster? 🤔

herm derm says:

Sooo really not practical for anything but driving.. go figure lol

The Famous Austrian Painter Was Right says:

This is why if I win the lottery, I'll never waste my money on these cars. I'd rather just get a few sports GT cars and if I want some ludicrous I'll get a Pur Sang replica of a 1930s racing car.

KelseyDunnigan drang says:

All those bags and no cupholders

Viking the gamer says:

You sound like that dude from total drama island

PLF says:

Anyone who buys this is insane. Taste doesnt get worse than this.

Wilton Massitela says:

Imagine having to open the whole car just to take out a small luggage.


With these saddle bags we give you a car

Sep G says:

Billionaires got a lot richer during the pandemic, so they need something to spend their money on.

Tom Mulqueen says:

Why not say it’s not practical at all.

rivenblades says:


Simanta Dutta says:

It's mind blowing how practical this car is.

zoutui chim says:

not worth it

derek muha says:

hmm not bad

Erik Truchinskas says:

That luggage has "please steal me" all over it

Katomic Comics says:

This showroom looks like someone’s living room.

zexLlama says:

Yes, i van definately move my IKEA furniture in this. Cheers!

BANDVIT romania •100 years says:

Saddles between engine? This gives me Harley Davidson bikes vibe

TheHorizonTries says:

You make it sound like there’s so much storage but it literally just has what every other car has minus any kind of trunk at all.

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