Pagani World Premiere: Huayra Roadster BC

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For the first time ever a car manufacturer unveils a car to the public in a video game. Pagani and CSR2 have partnered to release the magnificent Huayra Roadster BC in CSR Racing 2. We had an exclusive opportunity to meet and interview Horacio Pagani and talk about the amazing details of the Huayra Roadster BC. Download CSR2 here


Takdir 858 says:

Pagani huayra rodster bc 802Hp 1050Nm

Possible Games says:

I love the video and I love the game.

Álex RV says:

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Cristi Berzoi says:

Nessuno italiano?

Andre Sheckman says:

Anyone who is lucky to speak Portuguese understands Italian very well and does not need subtitles. Lucky for those who speak Portuguese. Great video greetings from Brazil

Basel says:

Who is here because of COVID19

Buttrito says:

when will Csr3 release

Dr. LA says:

esteticamente è molto brutta

xbrabus1 says:

What does Horatio & Zynga G/ N.M have in COMMON?
They stiff pipol!!!

Elehcim Navaz says:

Ferrari can't build a 1250 kg V12 spider!!!

Augustin Jorquez says:

Seeing Flo’s snarling face ..ugh Does Not entice me to watch a Progressive Promo…Please make it STOP 😎

LoL XD says:

And so the CSR2 is the first mobile racing car game to ever have the Pagani Huayra Roadster BC

TeddFredd says:

Keep on going with backbreaker please

Mohammad Aftab says:

Dear CSR racing team thanks a lot for beautiful game.I love CSR racing .You have added Hobbs and Shaw series. I request you the cars included in it will be purchased from game money because kids and students play the game with great passion and No one should drive a car by spending money. Please review it Thanks

Leonard Plays says:

Csr pls i beg u a group is glitched im trapped there group name: ei ei ei,raserei my username is leonard gamer pls kick me out of that group

parakis gaming 11 says:

+1 if you want csr racing 3!!!

Malachi Stephenson says:

We need CSR Classics ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! Pls bring it back!

Ahnaf Hasan says:

watch it

James Bretherton says:


CEWTX says:

Hey I rated the game but I didn't get the McLaren!😤😡😑😐😶🤬😠💩

Eco Boost says:

I got a Pagani for free OMG

Acualejandro Gon says:

nisikiera le apretó para ver el video. >:v

Madara Uchiha says:

Hey why the pagani huayra is free in the game

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