Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster – Furious Revs, Hard acceleration!! Little DRIFT!

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This is a video of one of the World’s most ultimate hypercars; the Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster; it is shown here in some driving scenes, revving furiously, and a very scarily rapid acceleration. There is a little drift as it turns left in the penultimate clip also although apologies for not keeping up very well with the camera.

Seeing this is certainly not an everyday sight and I am very pleased to share this video with you, I hope you enjoy. I allowed the video to continue at the end for the sighting of the Bugatti Veyron and also the engine noises that could still be heard from the Zonda.


Camera: Sony CX520
Location: London, UK

Thanks for watching, Tim


Francesco Schettino says:

Back when London was the shit.
Insane how basically the whole landscape and atmosphere of London has completely changed in a matter of 10 years.
I recently stayed for a couple of months and it was unrecognizable.

ANDRE stabel says:

I sure one futbol player or politic is driving loll

Value 3,500.000 million bucks

Prattmaster 726 says:

I’ve only seen his car and driver San Francisco

IbraheemAhmedd ahmed says:

Wait isn’t this London?.

gg fixing xxbest says:

Nfs hot pursuit anyone

Rahul Ganatra says:

Zonda sounds are addiction

Sharon Francis says:

It looks like a huria

Tashun Kosapa says:

buggati is shit compared to this masterpiece

Marquavious Chester says:

My dream is own one of these (base model, early model, idc), but just like Koenigsegg, they're rare as fuck. That Cinque roadster, Horatio only made 5 of them. Idk what is the equivalent of that and no I'm not even touching a Bugatti or a Carrera gt.

aiouaz abderrahim says:

روعة روعة خاصة أن مالكها قطري

Chris Alvarez says:

The 2012 Pagani Zonda Cinque has more power than this one

S M says:

when you have 2 rangerovers full of security to escort you lol

Nick Blades says:

Just Arabs showing of Daddy’s money.

T Saurus says:

Love the Cinque

Fernando cota says:

Horacio pagana de argentina para ustedes!!!

admsitio says:

I used to have a Fiat 128.

BrawlerYT says:


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