Pagani Zonda F vs. Porsche Carrera GT with Mr. Horacio Pagani drag race

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Onboard drag race Pagani Zonda F vs. Porsche Carrera GT with Mr. Horacio Pagani. Thank you Pagani Automobili and Supercars Owners Circle!


Eric Wi says:

That is the most beautiful drag strip I’ve ever seen

I Tee says:

This may be one of the most epic drag races of all time.

Tommyvercetty GT says:

He didn't bother to push his car to the limits

Hamlet Derohanian says:

For the price it’s underpowered, I’m talking about Pagani’s in general.

Matúš Adamkovič says:

Horacio Pagani looks like emperor palpatine from Star wars lol

YOGI says:

Horacio !! prueba contra un gt3 de 240 mil y dime uno, solo un punto en el que tu Paganni sea superior y cuéntame porqué pagar 10 veces más en esa capsula ruidosa, lenta e incómoda.

Fabio Dadone says:

I fucking love my country's cars 😎

Antonio VC says:

Esta claro que lo dejaron ganar

Paws Koziol says:

Lexus LFA nr 1 Japan… Pagani nr 2

MÂY Thanh says:

Tiền nhiều để làm gì

Amazing Event Stockholm - Allt inom event says:

One of the nicest interiors and designs ever and they decided to use the information display from a Renault Clio from 2003 🤷‍♂️😅

Adam Bicho raro says:

Na zimnym….?

Hoffmann says:

Уф, зонда на механике) настоящий хардкор)

Дмитрий Соболев says:

3000000 vs 250000

MythicRecon says:

Guy can't drive stick to save his life

Luis Miguel Vasquez Villegas says:

Where it’s this place?

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