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I’m happy nobody was hurt! That is something i cannot stress enough. The cars can be replaced but people cannot. Thank you to everyone that stayed and was concerned. Thank you to the professional CHP officers that responded to the scene. Thank you to MrC’s Towing. And of course thank you to my friends that always cheer me up after a loss like this. I loved the 720 GTR. I put my heart into that build and I hope its not a total loss. Thanks for all your support DDEFAM. Much Love!
We brought out hypers and supers to drag race at the airport! MERCH HERE: www.thehamiltoncollection.com/shop SUBSCRIBE and you might be randomly chosen to drive a supercar. 🙂 Help us reach 250,000 subs! https://www.youtube.com/c/TheHamiltonCollection New vlogs every Wednesday/Sunday.
NEW Fastest Supercar in GTA 5 Online? In this video we test which is best fully upgraded car to see which is fastest car in gta v online (all test we make it on Sandy Shores Airfield and Los Santos International Airport). We also test which is fastest muscle car, fastest supercar, fastest tuner car, fastest sport car, fastest offroad car, fastest suv, fastest bike etc. When NEW DLC cars release we show all drip feed cars, racing new released cars and racing all unreleased cars. If you have any question write in comment. We test and customize NEW Supercar in GTA V Online: Overflod Zeno AVAILABLE FROM: Legendary Motorsport GTA ONLINE PRICE: $2,820,000 SELL PRICE (RESALE): $1,692,000 BASED ON (REAL LIFE): SSC Tuatara GTA 5 Online Fastest Car 2021 ❌ Astron VS Jubilee VS Toros https://youtu.be/sJ7LbZZtWsA ❌ Zeno VS Ignus https://youtu.be/uRrqRcmjQc0 ❌ Buffalo STX VS Gauntlet Hellfire https://youtu.be/yMRmmZjUg1A ❌ Pegassi Ignus VS Deveste Eight https://youtu.be/VUOGwZbMvxg ❌ Declasse Granger 3600LX Customization https://youtu.be/dJUla5ldePE ❌ Overflod Zeno Customization https://youtu.be/emqpSpzyM7A ❌ Nagasaki Shinobi Customization https://youtu.be/6raw1pHm5QA ❌ Pegassi Ignus Customization https://youtu.be/P0GTZLfWwSQ ❌ Patriot Mil-Spec Customization https://youtu.be/EovlPqnAEXo 🔥 Click to Subscribe!: https://www.youtube.com/c/cone11?sub_confirmation=1 👉 Support My Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Fast3X?sub_confirmation=1 💌 Become a Member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5lcmoQ8pPPElZDpo4JpOw/join 🛐 FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: KING_CONE11@hotmail.com ​▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cone11_/ ▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CONE_11_King ​▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CONE11x ​▶ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/CONE11/ 🔔 DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/cG2b4mQ​​​​​​ 🎧 MUSIC USED: 🐦 La Fuente – Deep Down Inside (Outro Song) ⛔ If you want to see more GTA V Online tests, all fastest cars, motorcycles, vehicle etc, SUBSCRIBE to [More]
My Lamborghini Aventador SVJ shooting massive flames in the tunnel! PS5 GIVEAWAY DETAIL: (50k SUBS) – Must be subscribed to the channel – Follow us on instagram for more updates – Comment PS5 on the video to be entered – Like the video Follow Me (ALL SOCIAL MEDIAS): https://linktr.ee/svzain #Lamborghini #SVJ #Gintani
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Thanks: Hollmann international https://www.instagram.com/hollmanninternational/ Website: https://hollmann.international/ PRICE: €279,531.00 Power (PS): 635 PS Power (kW): 467 kW Color: Verdant Upholstery: Newmarket Tan Veneer: High Gloss Carbon Fibre Wheels: 22 Inch Mulliner Black Painted Options: Heated, Single Tone, 3 Spoke, Indented Hide Trimmed Steering Wheel SPECIFICATIONS Touring Specification Comfort Specification Mood Lighting Specification Flying Spur Blackline Specification LED Welcome Lamps Welcome Lighting Refrigerated Bottle Cooler Battery Charger First Aid Kit and Warning Triangle Bentley Rear Entertainment Preparation Bang & Olufsen for Bentley Inductive Phone Charger (Front) Bentley Rotating Display Deep Pile Overmats – Front and Rear Panoramic Glass Tilt 📌 Instagram ▶ https://www.instagram.com/cartvpress 📌 Facebook ▶ https://www.facebook.com/CARTVPress 📌 TikTok ▶ https://www.tiktok.com/@cartvpress
The whole world is witnessing a pre-planned and highly organized criminal cover-up of the case Andrew Tate.
MANSORY F9XX based on Ferrari SF90 – Interior, Exterior and Drive Engine: V8, 4.0 L, 1100 Hp, 980 Nm 0-100 (km/h): 2.4 s Top Speed: 355 km/h Forged Sports Rims type YT.5 Air More information about this Ferrari: https://www.mansory.com/ https://www.instagram.com/mansory/ #supercars #ferrari
We were invited by Bugatti to come and experience the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport at the factory in Molsheim, FR. After a tour of the grounds and a Co-Drive with Official Test driver Andy Wallace, we were able to drive the car around the Molsheim area. Unfortunately, the time schedule did not allow for Autobahn driving. We still hope to bring that to you in the future! 00:00 Co-drive with Andy Wallace 10:33 Swapping seats + Tour around the back of the car 12:18 Test drive 26:46 Walkaround Bugatti Chiron SUPER SPORT | POV Review by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content! http://bit.ly/2aWQXw9 Check out our 100-200 GPS Scoreboard https://bit.ly/2PSakev Check out our Brand Store: http://IgnitionCollection.com Instagram: http://bit.ly/22Yp1yw AutoTopNL Facebook Fanpage: http://on.fb.me/1jlG5pQ #AutoTopNL UK: Auto-Top is an honest and pure car filming and testing company. We’re not interested in eco & green (unless it’s like, really superfast). Screaming exhausts, whining superchargers and blowing turbo’s is what we want to hear! We review all sorts of performance cars. In the different playlists you can enjoy exhaust sounds, acceleration tests (0-100, 0-200) with launch control, onboard cams and the revving sound of each car. Exotic cars, hothatches, power sedans. We have it all! DE: Wir nehmen alle möglichen leistungsstarken Autos unter ein Lupe. In den verschiedenen Playlists könnt ihr ausreizende Sounds genießen, Beschleunigungstests (0-100, 0-200) mit Startkontrolle, onboard-Kameras und den hochtourigen Sound der Autos. Exotische Autos, sportliche Kompaktwagen und kraftvolle Limousinen. Wir haben sie alle! FR: A travers [More]
2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast 6.5 V12 800 Hp 340 Km/h 211 mph * see also ”Int. Motor Show Frankfurt (67th.IAA 2017)”-Bugatti-Brabus-Ferrari-Lamborghini- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drwq_lS3W-w&list=PLMHuD0ynr6lOAvu2J60EUcv467yE0GmsF
We put together a very interesting Drag Race! The Mercedes C63s AMG vs the BMW M4!! This was a seriously close race! ✖ BOTB Win Your Dream Car with BOTB. The competition is open worldwide and you only need to be 16 to enter. Tickets start from just £1.25 and you’ll get a free fiver when you sign-up. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/Enter-Dream-Car-Competition You can win a BMW M4 here; http://bit.ly/Win-An-M4 and a C63-S here; http://bit.ly/Win-C63-S-AMG ✖ Rockingham BOTB Track Event; http://botb.com/archie ✖ Gad Tuning; http://gadtuning.co.uk http://instagram.com/GadTuningLTD ✖ Josh Webster http://instagram.com/JoshWebsterRacing http://www.joshwebster.co.uk ✖ http://instagram.com/ArchieHamiltonRacing http://bit.ly/SubscribeToArchie ———– ✖ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! http://instagram.com/ArchieHamiltonRacing https://www.facebook.com/archiehamiltonracingcom/ ✖ Music By; [Halcyon] • https://soundcloud.com/halcyonedm • https://twitter.com/halcyonedm • https://facebook.com/halcyonedm [Valentina Franco] • https://soundcloud.com/valentina-franco • https://facebook.com/valentina.offici… JBP ➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/anis-jay ➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jayprodbeatz ➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/gtaanis ➞ Instagram http://instagram.com/gtaanis
There was chaos in London when this brand new 1 of only 63 Lamborghini Sian was collected by the owner. I capture it being collected from the Lamborghini Showroom in South Kensington, London and was lucky enough to catch it later on driving up Sloane St making a bit of noise and parked at the Dorchester Hotel with a Bugatti Chiron. The Sian certainly has presence and caused a lot of chaos, but do you think it’s worth its multi million price tag?
$2.0 Million W-Motors Fenyr Supersport Accelerations, Exhaust Sound and Fly Bys at Goodwood FOS 2019 Hello my friends and welcome back to the channel! Last Summer, in London, in front of The Dorchester Hotel, at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019, and at Blenheim Palace i filmed this $2.0mln W-Motors Fenyr Supersport. In this video you can see a exterior and interior review, some driving scenes on the track, including a launch control and Loud acceleration sound. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and enjoy my notification squad. Cheers! #wmotors #fenyr #supersport #fenyrsupersport #exhaust #revs #hypercar #goodwood #goodwoodfos2019 #allcars #allcarschannel #arab #arabsupercar #arabhypercar #acceleration #exhaustsound #fastandfurious #thefastandthefurious #supercar #fos #fos2019 #festivalofspeed Related video: $3 Million Apollo IE Causes Chaos in Central London!!! – https://youtu.be/Xpg7GyyKCE8 Shmee150 driving his McLaren Senna in Central London – https://youtu.be/Je_vW76fy90 $7 Million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster causes chaos in Central London!!! – https://youtu.be/CRLQpAAYg-g $2.5 Mln Bugatti Chiron come out only at night in London – https://youtu.be/PI_1zeShXLg Hennessey Venom GT on the road!!! Start up, revs and brutal acceleration sounds! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SypONM2bQNY Ferrari FXX K – Pure V12 engine sound around Silverstone Circuit – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syw3sH5kQlY Arash AF-10 Prototype in London – https://youtu.be/g6d9HV8Fx1Y Subscribe to us on YouTube: YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/AllCarsChannel Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/allcarschannel VK page: https://vk.com/allcarschannel Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/allcarschannel VK drag racing page: https://vk.com/dragracingchannel Twitter page: https://twitter.com/allcarschannel
9FF Eigenbau – Der Weltrekord GT9 mit 1400 PS & 437 KMH! Zu Besuch bei 9FF Teil 2 Wir sind in Dortmund in den Heiligen Hallen von 9ff! Hier schlummern tatsächlich 30000 PS auf dem Hof. In diesem Teil stellt euch Firmengründer und Inhaber Jan Fatthauer den Porsche 9FF GT9 vor. Dieses Fahrzeug ist ein Eigenbau aus dem Hause 9FF mit Mittelmotor und verlängertem Radstand. Weitere Infos: https://www.9ff.com So könnt ihr Kanalmitglied werden: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH2qEpwlSWYK7fou3UZ4RjA/join Ihr wollt immer auf dem neuesten Stand meiner Projekte sein? 📸 Folgt mir auf Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/philippkaess Hier geht’s zu unserem Arlows Shop: https://www.arlows.com Hier findet Ihr alle Kleidungsstücke von Arlows Fashion: https://arlows-fashion.de Hier gehts zu den hochwertigen Pflegemitteln der Arlows Care Line: https://arlows-care.de #Porsche #Philippkaess #Turbo
Tìm hiểu cực phẩm Pagani Huayra BC Roadster: Chiếc đầu tiên tại châu Á, có tiền chưa chắc mua được |XEHAY.VN| Kênh TikTok chính thức của XE HAY: https://tiktok.com/@xehay_official Fanpage: http://facebook.com/xehay Facebook HÙNG LÂM: https://web.facebook.com/tonypham.xehay Liên hệ: noidung@xehay.vn #Xehay #Pagani #HuayraBC
Thomas and James put some of the most exciting new cars head to head…most of the time. This time, it’s the economy performance cars with automatic gearboxes. The 2020 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Premium ($42,275 CAD), with the largest displacement of the pack at 2.3L , goes toe to toe with the turbocharged Honda Accord 2.0T Touring ($40,405 CAD) the Subaru WRX ($35,795) and the VW GLI ($33,345) which packs the least punch of the three in terms of horsepower, but is the lightest. They all have automatic transmissions. Who will take the win, and by how much? Things don’t always go as predicted. Watch to find out. Subscribe! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE THROTTLE HOUSE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyXiDU5qjfOPxgOPeFWGwKw?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/thethrottlehouse/ Huge thank you to our friends and family that helped on the day, who are our heroes. And thank you to @chris_malik for his EcoBoost, Ross for the WRX and @nithin_c_ for the GLI! Drone flying by @daniel.pugliano Post-production by Karston Chong And Thomas Holland Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ThomasHollandProductions/ Music from Epidemicsound.com #Mustang #Accord #WRX
You can also find and follow me on: – Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/19bozzy92/ – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/19Bozzy92YT – Google+: https://plus.google.com/100567781241722617164/posts – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ste19bozzy92/ During the 2014 Top Marques I recorded a Noble M600 making some nice revs and accelerations on the public streets. The car is moved by a 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 engine which is able to produce 650 bhp at 6800rpm. Camcorder: Canon Legria HF G30 + Canon DM-100 Microphone Event: Top Marques 2014 Where: Monaco Link To My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/19Bozzy92?feature=mhee THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
Watch as a Koenigsegg Regera transforms beneath your eyes. 🤖 Download our app connecting automotive enthusiasts today: https://bit.ly/3avLrOU Thanks for watching and don’t forget to show us some love by subscribing if you like our content. https://www.youtube.com/c/throdle Visit our website: https://www.throdle.com Connect with us on: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/throdle TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@throdle Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/throdle
This is the wingless Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut – according to Christian von Koenigsegg: “The name Absolut comes from the fact that this is the absolute fastest Koenigsegg we will ever make.” Yikes. The engine is a flat plane crank 5.1-litre twin-turbo V8 that for the most part feels naturally aspirated and always very angry indeed. It produces 1,578bhp and 1,106lb ft of torque, can rev from idle to 8,500rpm in 0.2 seconds, 0–62mph takes around 2.5 seconds and top speed in this Absolut version is theoretically the scary side of 310mph. We say theoretically, because no one’s found the space, or the brass balls, to find out yet… Only 125 will ever be built costing around £2.3m each, though deep pockets won’t help here – they’re all completely sold out. Allow Top Gear magazine’s Jack Rix to be your guide on the fastest Koenigsegg ever. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear Chapters: 00:00 The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut 03:41 Koenigsegg History 05:50 Absolut vs Attack 08:39 Delivering Bottles of Jesko, To Jesko, In A Jesko MORE ABOUT TOP GEAR: Want to watch a bit of Top Gear on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Want to share your views with the team? Join our BBC Studios Voice: [More]
Koenigsegg Gemera ❤️ #shorts #supercar #hypercar thank you very much for watching my video , pleas subscribe to my channel to get more new video I do hope all of you enjoy and support me I wish you all the best regards this is my new channel please help me and support me www.youtube.com/channel/UCRTQP7mgOnlanSAWdHSKTcQ
CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! https://carsandbids.com Bugatti Chiron Super Sport review! The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is a special hypercar — and today I’m reviewing it. I’m going to show you all the cool quirks and features of the Chiron Super Sport, and I’ll show you everything you need to know about this special car. I’m also driving the Chiron Super Sport, and I’ll let you know what it’s like behind the wheel of this amazing Bugatti. WEBSITE & MERCH! http://www.dougdemuro.com FOLLOW ME! Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/dougdemuro Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/dougdemuro Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/ddemuro DOUGSCORE CHART: https://www.dougdemuro.com/dougscore
This is the Hennessey Venom F5, the world’s most powerful production car. The Venom F5 produces over 1800 horsepower and Hennessey say that it can reach speeds of over 480km/h. This makes the Hennessey Venom F5 faster than the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport and the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut. Alex gives us a first look at why the Hennessey Venom F5 is one of the coolest cars in the world. Let us know what you think in the comments. For more information – https://supercarblondie.com/car-reviews/hennessey-venom-f5-roadster-hidden-features-fastest-convertible/ You can follow us on: https://www.instagram.com/supercarblondie https://www.facebook.com/supercarblondie https://www.twitter.com/supercarblondie https://www.tiktok.com/@supercarblondie https://www.supercarblondie.com https://www.snapchat.com/discover/Supercar_Blondie/0902710649
There are two very cool, very new luxury saloons in town. One is the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the one they throw all the technology at to make it widely regarded as the best big saloon/sedan/whatever you’d like to call it. S-Classes come with all kinds of engine, right up to and including very powerful petrol ones, but this is a little more straightforward – it’s an S400d. Actually an engine that suits it rather well. It costs £104,425, has 330hp and more importantly a mammoth cruising range. The other car is still relatively new too, and it’s more expensive and luxurious still. It’s a Bentley Flying Spur and as a W12 it costs £168,300 and has 635bhp – figures both rather bigger than the S-Class’s, but don’t let semantics get in the way – more expensive S-Classes are available and a cheaper Flying Spurs are too (besides, there’s a reason for the mis-match explained in the vid). New videos are uploaded to Autocar each week. Don’t miss a single one. Subscribe now: http://smarturl.it/autocar We had another Bentley vid recently. Just coincidence really. But here’s a Bentayga taking on a Range Rover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTtFhc8HEU0 And here’s a Continental GT and a BMW M8 Competition battling to take on the world’s best sports car, Porsche’s 911: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jY9ZI6Woec Visit our website at http://www.autocar.co.uk Autocar, the world’s leading motoring magazine and website, delivers industry-leading news, the most in-depth car reviews and opinion from our team of experts. Our presenters include some of the world’s top [More]
All Electric Ford F150 Lightning rescues the 1,000 HP Ferrari SF90 #shorts #ferrari #f150lightning
ЕЩЕ обзоры: автокинотеатр в Москве – https://youtu.be/57IPZJVWfcQ самый высокий отель – https://youtu.be/5WRmcMjGdGU VIP-электричка – https://youtu.be/daXQmdVGtLQ Смотрим Bugatti La Voiture Noir — самый дорогой автомобиль в мире. 1500 л.с., 2.5 сек до сотни, макс. скорость ограничена 420 км/ч. Цена: около 11 млн. евро + налоги = 1,2 млрд. руб. Выпущен 1 экземпляр и уже продан! ВК – http://vk.com/rbtshki инстаграм – http://instagram.com/rbtshki Подписка на канал: https://goo.gl/GmdjQf Обзоры новых моделей смартфонов и планшетов 2018 и 2019 года, сравнения, Android и iOS, ноутбуки и дроны, китайские гаджеты и техника с Aliexpress, тест-драйвы электромобилей, репортажи с производств и сравнения цен на технику. #LaVoitureNoir #Bugatti #GIMS19
Rory slides into the Hennessey Venom F5, which has a claimed top speed of over 300mph, for a quick first drive. Looking for your next car? Auto Trader will help make finding your next vehicle easier than ever. Compare expert car reviews and recommendations, and find your perfect car through our official YouTube channel. *Maybe Auto Trader: https://www.autotrader.co.uk Check back for the latest new car reviews on everything from SUVs to supercars, plus ✅ the latest car news ✅ top tips and car advice ✅ used and new car guides ✅ best-ofs Subscribe for more from Auto Trader UK: http://bit.ly/1AqiIny Want to be the first to see our new videos? Enable notifications Looking for more inspiration? 🚗 • Auto Trader: https://www.autotrader.co.uk • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/autotraderuk • Twitter: https://twitter.com/AutoTrader_UK • Instagram: https://instagram.com/autotraderuk • Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/autotraderuk/
The Ferrari F8 Tributo is expected to be the last non-hybrid Ferrari mid-engined sports car, hence its name. With a top speed of 211mph and a 0-125mph time of just 7.8secs, is it too fast for the road? Find out here.. This video was created with the support of: http://www.footmanjames.co.uk/ https://bit.ly/Magnitude_Finance-HG https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/ https://www.ctek.com https://chargestorm.se/en/ Follow me on https://www.instagram.com/harrysgaragevids/ https://twitter.com/harrym_vids
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Precio aproximado: $2,000,000 USD Gracias por ver nuestros videos 🙂 Te invito a que me acompañes a bordo de los autos que manejo en Instagram: @gabosalazar21 También acompáñanos alrededor del mundo para conocer más sobre la industria automotriz en las siguientes redes: facebook.com/autodinamicomx twitter.com/autodinamicomx instagram.com/autodinamicomx
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