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Petrol vs Electric | Mercedes SLS AMG Battle | Top Gear | Series 20 | BBC

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Jeremy drives the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. The SLS ED is possibly the most brilliantly revolutionary thing that the already-bonkers lot at AMG have ever created: a fully electric AWD supercar. For the full review click

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What’s more expensive petrol or electricity ?? Why is Petrol So Expensive ? Why is Electricity so expensive?

Rickard Lagrelius says:

God how i miss old Top Gear.

Zeus Dunpeal says:

I’m watching these episodes and man oh man you can tell how much passion these dudes have for cars , not like these Mickey Mouses from these days ! I miss these shows from tv !

Jerome Jenkins says:

who came here after watching Matt Leblanc reviewing the AMG GTR

Cynical Bastard says:

Too bad Mercedes didn't make the electric SLS with DC charging.

Lucky Jones says:

The background soundtrack is from deadmau5

Bild says:

i remember watching this as a kid

Ultan Mcgrane says:

Me:worlds first electric supercar. Tesla:let me introduce myself

Kingfisher says:

Jeremy "This is a serious car, I bet it doesn't know a single joke"🤩🤩

Sam D says:

The oil will never run out


Tesla Roadster:
Am i joke to you?

Void says:

Would be interesting to see what Mercedes can do with current technology and make an EQ version of the current AMG GT

UnicornHunter CG says:

4:40 this looks so clean and perfect that I thought it was CGI

imaan tanvir says:

This what Carwow do nowadays

Eric Abbott says:

Crazy that this was 8 years ago. Sort of thought the oil would have run out by now and yet here I am in 2022 looking at buying a new gas car.

Wee's Gaming says:

Jeremy: "Want to hear what that sounds like? Well, turn up the volume on your TV and listen to this."
The car: "……………………"

The very definition of anti-climax.

Round House says:

If only they knew how far electric cars have come in such a short amount of time

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