Petron Pagani Toy Cars Complete Set – Huayra, Huayra BC, Zonda Revolucion

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This is the complete set of the Petron Pagani Toy Cars. The Huayra comes in orange and yellow. The Huayra BC comes in red and white. The Zonda Revolucion comes in purple and black.

Pressing the button on the side of the cars will open the doors. Closing the door manually will make the car start up and rev. The car will then accelerate and move forward . Towards the end, it will move backward.

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Jonas Aguila says:

So… Technically there are 3 molds right?! 3 molds and 2 color variant, you don't have have collect them all… Just pick one of each mold and then you're good, right?! Am I right!!! They all looked good but, 3 is all you need… Right?!

MilkyGodPizza RobloxGamer says:

I have the huray bc red and wihte

Jhames Kristoff Honculada says:

I got all paganis

Joshua Alen says:

I have a white on e

jerry mejia says:

I have orange one

JP Junpyo says:

Hello me have all have petron cars and i like the red pagani

Janice Tiglao says:

i love all that cars

Shaun Ramos says:

me i have color white orange and violet

AlphaVolt 01 says:

I Have Them I The Two One Will Be Gifted To My Cousin

John Anthony Colo says:

Meron nako ng 4 . 2 nalang haha (Yellow,orange,red,white)

Dang Cayetano says:

i have one yellow

Dang Cayetano says:

Ihave haura

Benedict Mania says:

I have white,orange,purple my cousin white only

Shaun Ramos says:

my favorite color white

Shaun Ramos says:

me i have violet and orange

Cool Kiddo says:

I like the yellow huayra


you can play them right my age is 16 yrs old


Sub to sub plsss

Mistriz says:

Is it normal i just love color violet if im a boy?

Josie Poblete says:

Why is it FWD?

LikeMike says:

Eto lang nakumpleto ko. Last year laging wala na sir sagot sakin ng mga gas attendant. Apat lang tuloy nabili ko

JNT_ Gaming YT says:

Not that real and I don’t like the fact that they have sound I only collect like models cars I did find a pagani 1/18 scale but it kinda expensive

Rave Toledo says:

Hey! I love my Black Zonda, Orange Huayra and Red Huayra BC!!!! WOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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