Petter Solberg destroys his Subaru Impreza STI WRC crash

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Petter Solberg destroys his Subaru Impreza STI WRC crash

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Stelios Koukourakis says:

They are ok but the car was completely destroyed

Muhamad Puji Anugerah says:

0:38 that evil smile. .

Jsweizston says:

Bit of a concussion after that one i'd imagine.

yow says:

rollbar failure?

Bryy says:

And how kids,this is the time that the legendary Subaru Impreza STI of WRC was retired and reemplazed with a other

TheTripol says:

Insane hit from the concrete.. in Rally it's bit different than F1, the speeds are slower but there's literally houses and shit around you so its scary.

Jong Jacob says:

like I crashed my car in GTA5 but god bless him still alive not like GTA5 character

Vitrius Argento says:

The top car destruccion in the wrc history…

Dre Cor says:

Why are those fuckin rocks there?

That Guy says:

Roll cages…. worth every penny

Steven Jensen says:

They lived.

Chris McAlonan says:

Seriously? Like SERIOUSLY? You gotta be trolling.

Chris McAlonan says:

They're there to stop tanks. the rally was on like a military training ground or something

Oblio1942 says:

makes you wonder why more road cars dont have cages

Fraancisco Gomes says:

did you just write that?

Jared Tate says:

and harness don't fix that

Henrik Nilsen says:

It is not only-only, but but!

Daren D says:

I don't get why they have all those blunt / non-rounded / non-smoothed objects along the road side, especially along turn bends.

Thank goodness for "roll" cages… even after "hitting" that concrete slab.

PGMinions says:

0:42 Yea ill take a couple large pizzas

Parnilli K Benally says:

Thank the Roll Cage God, that he is safe.

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