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Peugeot 208 GTi vs Renault Clio 200 Vs Ford Fiesta ST – Top Gear – Series 20 – BBC

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It’s the Battle of the GTi’s as Richard test drives the Peugeot 208 GTi, Renault Sport Clio 200, and Ford Fiesta ST. Who will be the king of the Hot Hatch?

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Rubenn Guerra says:

Clio, esta claro ! Lo hubieran puesto en negro y se hubiera notado más la follada jajaja

niniouff68 says:

Totally idiot video , compare the St 200 not the st182 it's not comparable to 200hp of Clio RS and Peugeot 208 gti

Nathan Evans says:

I recently brought a fiesta st2 and had the cp2 map put on it and what a difference the car now picks up so easily and is so much fun to drive would defiantly recommended ?

Preshan Munsamy says:

Changing gear is a vital form of self expression that I'm being denied

Trinity Court Studios says:

This is the first (and probably only) time in my life that I've ever been interested in a modern Peugeot

wontitan 1976 says:

favorite is clio

Seppe1106 says:

Love my GTi, lowered 50 and 60 mm front and back, distance discs (if that's the word 😀 ) , takes corners like on a railtrack ! And with some mods it now runs stable 237 bhp and 345 Nm of Torque. More then enough for such a little beast. I like this test, and i must admit, the ST is good, i test drove one before, but i just didnt like the interior.. it looks bad and seems so complicated and crowded. Didn't test the vmax ( that btw is not important in a hot hatch ) but i got to 244 km/h.. in such a small car just amazing. The looks of some – my 2 l TDI Passat or BMW 3 etc. – is amazing when you overtake 'em at 200+ km/h 😀
Peugeot is love, Fiesta isn't bad, but the Clio…no manual Gearbox? Heeeeell no 😀

yf0013 says:

UK channel = UK car best rating 😀

Joshua Jackson says:

Rather have the Corsa VXR over any of these but no doubt the ST looks the best out of these 3

Pose ton Gun says:

Guys which should i go for now ??

roberto Cip says:

Renault FOREVER.

Endre Lazar says:

Clio is the clear winner. You should try to be objective.

vinod gupta says:

I will get a Fiesta

Vladimir Popa says:

Richard, shouldn't have taken his foot off of the acceleration pedal, while shifting the gears. Anyway.. Ford is the best.

rett butler says:

I could not buy buy a french car, though. rust , suspension, electrics trim, I want to last longer than the warranty.

Jarno veenstra says:

A Audi A3 is even faster than that gti?

Jussi Lind says:

208 GTI is the only one that doesn't look like crap. Peugeot makes beautiful cars these days.

Mugammad Benjamin says:

Ford Fiesta is the best

Facu Gasser says:

Here the new Abarth 595 competizione was missing, and things would be different

drunknmonk12 says:

Such a shame the Renault is only available in auto, ruins the car.

saif khalifa says:

A fiesta with a turbo is better than a gtr with a 1000 hp

soundseeker63 says:

In 3 years since this video I think I've seen 2 Clio RSs on the road, and about a thousand STs. Maybe a dozen 208 GTis.
Says quite a lot I think.


What's the song that starts when he makes the Peugeot GTi go sideways?

CupraBoss says:

I demolished a ST montune. Pulled serious length, cupra the best!

Twinmill 12 says:

anybody notice hammond using heel and toe?
eurobeat intensifies

mithun chawdhury says:

For some reason the fiesta's design always depress me, it sure is a great car but can't say the same thing about the design

Gay says:

Clio is Cleopatra

snyper701 says:

Americans cant build good Cars thats a fact

Mat Yaqin says:

Blue Grippy , Red Drifty , Yellow Racey

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