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Peugeot 508 2.0 HDi 163hp Powershift 0-130 km/h

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Acceleration in Sport mode.

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Jakub Tuzinsky says:

this car has some stupid problems, but its not bad …

erwan coquard says:

what is fuck

kxeight says:

i just got my peugeot 508 2013 🙂 looks so cooooool :)))

Heci55CrO says:

i am driving a diesel for 10 years and i know.. but each diesel has it's own characteristics, so you can't judge others if you have a different car.. take a look at 307 2.0 HDI torque / RPM graph and u'll know what am i talking about…

slvjpn1989 says:

dude, you need torque for one part of the acceleration (torque is the capacity of the engine to pull the car) but once the car is staring to get "pulled" you need HP to maintain that pull. The torque is related to Hp anyway. I whould never do an overtake at anything lower than 2500-3000 rpm ( and I don't). Nobody can't explain to you if you didn't drive a diesel car or driven (i believe you didn't) at all.

MrBEAR55100 says:

About 9-sec flat for 0-100km/h, her acceleration time is respectable indeed, yet this time would be improved later, with more milage added.
Splendid Peugeot's 2.0-litres diesel unit.

ecch says:

Fail. I tried it two way with old 2.0 HDI (90 HP) It has same max torque range. First I kept the rpm range under 3000 every shift, and got 15 sec for 0-100. Second try I shift at 3800, and got 12,5 sec 0-100 result. Both measuring and shift was correct. At higher speed (about over 70 kmh) the HP is much imporant for acceleration than torque. Try a test at 100kmh in 5. then 4. gear..

matfzhut says:

Man. It's true when we're talking about diesels from 80/90 but nowadays 99% of diesels loses power about 4k rpm. Max torque is not only one important thing, the max power in new diesels is about 4krpm. Moreover this car has automatic gearbox so changing gears is optimal. By the way – try BMW biturbo diesels, the power is available almost to the end of rev counter !

Heci55CrO says:

2.0 HDI engine max torque is in 1750 – 3000 RPM range… in that RPMs you get max acceleration.. greater than 3k is pure loss of accel.

MrGior9io says:

this engine is from CITROEN . Build from ford and peugeot .

hiphiphip18 says:

Plus de 9 secondes de 0 à 100…

diepak kauw says:

its an realy slow automatic :$

Cristi M says:

this engine is from ford not bmw..is made by ford in colaboration with psa

Efe Berktaş says:

Sounds like BMW's 2.0 diesel.

derbigpr500 says:

Nice and smooth. Pretty fast, definitely faster than citroen c5 with same engine.

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