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Peugeot 508 Interiores

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pilotmale says:

I am from Turkey. I purchased a 508 2.0 HDI 163 HP on may 12 .And just after only 8 days while I am driving my car had a problem which warned me on the screen display that there is a break failure and stop the car..They told me the electronic brain supplied by the accumulator was out of order .

Now I am asking

1-What will I do after paying a reasonable money to get this brain damaged Peugeot 508

2-Shall I trust Peugeot?

formigalRAMS says:

ese es diesel

André Pires says:


i have a 1.6 110hp 3o8 Sport and its like a charm

Its not that powerfull but with my tires "17" its handling its superb

gabrielirlanda says:

@EUZajecarac man you are really lucky and can't complain, here in southamerica this peugeot will probably cost around $200.000, imagine if in the UK you pay for it 150.000bp!!!!!

Shaurya Kumar Gautam says:

I really like this car and apparently its better than Passat. Just one question – Am I being stupid thinking its just a Peugeot after all?

kanneebannee says:

how can u forget to show the head up display??????????

Peter Závadský says:

completely copied from audi A6

Kenny Chin says:

@prudy27 depreciation of a car brand varies with countries. define "not so good engineer".

prudy27 says:

The interior is half Opel, half VW, Half Audi nothing looks like its original in it, and its a Peugeot expect quick depreciation because of not so good engineering

Bare36 says:

the inerrior of 508 is excelent,you can see of some details that is copy of audi or bmw.i was in it few days before.but exterrior design is……is a bad…passat is not even close to this interrior…..yust don't know why they repleced a 2.7biturbo hdi with a 2.2hdi 4-cylider engine…? it doesn't have nice sound…in my country 508 gt 2.2hdi is 38000Eur

ThePetrolhead94 says:

@2kronen the interior of the 508 is nice but a passat is much nicer

Captain Carter says:

The only problem with this car is the price here in UK top the range 508 SW GT is £33.000 !!!Come on… 4 a Peugeot !Mercedes E-class is 4 that kind off money easy.

eloylb says:

@cieronic Why do you say that?

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