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Peugeot 508 review

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Peugeot 508

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Richard van Tricht says:

Would love to have 1 but all problems i see on internet i dont dare.

Alexander White says:

Hey. Getting Better All The Time. trail woozy What do you think…

baba yilmaz says:

why the people mentions fords on almost every reviews, if they any good, why never holds the price in the second hands? they are over rated craps specially in UK car reviwers taken it up to high levels all the time, there is lack of knowledge or getting percentage from the ford, this opinion except original american fords

Terry O'Neil says:

I own a 2013 508 SW Active which I've had for just over a year.  Great car had no problems.

Emad Hamdy says:

Does any one has this car ?? Is it reliable .. Does it have problems ? .. The air conditioner is it chilling??

Conor Cränks says:

Great cars a few friends have them! Great cars pleasure to drive, I drive the new 2008 and love it! Never go back! Vw's are way overrated I know of a few people to have the newer model passat and golf 2011-2014 and have had terrible reliability issues!

Victortrotska says:

Not a big fan of French cars.
But Peugeot (that I prefer by far over Renault or Citroen) made incredible efforts to get back the German level with this 508 (and even better with the new 308 and the new blueHDI engines).
Still the devil's in the details. Small things in the 508 make it still a "second choice" car. Not so reliable electronics, dull "stock" audio (even if the JBL audio sound system is available at extra cost) and it is lacking "comfort of use" like places inside to store your stuff during the travel. Lot of small but annoying stuff to me.

In my opinion the Mondeo/Passat/Superb remain the best bang for your buck if looking for a long trip saloon car.

I'm eager to see a new 508 !

alfamonk says:

Those talking about poor quality don't know what they're talking about. I work in the industry and PSA are becoming a new benchmark, alongside VW for interior quality.

mohamad fathi says:

Amazing car

BestCanKeanRob2 says:

I admit,i had a look in one and asmuch as they say they`ve improved on build quality,they haven`t,simple as that.That`s what you get with a Peugeot,below par build quality,but they do drive really good,the diesels one of the are the best and they are very reliable.I`d buy a German if I had a bit more money,but I`d settle for a Peugeot.

dolphtrains2 says:

sat in this car at a showroom last year. i have to say the interior was very plasticky and felt cheap in places like the door trim and transmission tunnel. and the seats did not feel supportive in the front or rear. i wasn't impressed

dzidek1606 says:

Very nice car.

rifki mounir says:

1st Peugeot that i ever liked.

BestCanKeanRob2 says:

Buy the 508 other than a Mondeo anyday.And it doesn`t just look better.

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