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Peugeot 508 video review by autocar.co.uk

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We test Peugeot’s 407 and 607 replacement

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L3g4cyTT says:

I generally dont like Peugeots but I like it

Bruno Baugnée says:

morgen staat hij op mijn oprit

pilotRajdowy says:

@Solazed FYI first peugeot automobile is dated at 1889 (steam powered three-wheeler)

Gary Hill says:

Finally a replacement for my 504 and 505!

engineer maskin says:

you have to see new 3-series that is mega lol, from bad to worst..

Mitsos Da Best says:

This seems so nice. One from the very few Peugeot cars I like… The sedan is better.

posro1988 says:

this or volvo v60 nothing else

ladeninlogen says:

This car or the vw passat ?

MrTorrHumor says:

you cant drive dude, you cross the line all the time.

TG 4 EVER says:

@MrTBA97 Well the suspention on the 300C is from the W220 S-class. So there's nothing wrong with that. Seems you got a lemon.

TG 4 EVER says:

@MrTBA97 There's nothing wrong with the 300C's quality. I've had mine for 3 years now and everything works fine.

Sola Charles says:

Kudos Peugeot for 508 – a supremely impressive effort. It's probably the best AND most desirable Pug ever made. Despite all the bad press, Peugeot has been building cars for more than 200 years and remains consistent and innovative while building sensible but relatively unloved cars, but once in a long while, the marque launches a truly definitive model like the 405 Mi16, 205 GTI or 306 GTI 6, etc? 205 GTI 1,9 was voted Car of The Decade" (1980-1990). I foresee 2011 COTY crown for 508!!

Best Car Sound says:

@MyriadesusTV Yes, I agree with You, I saw one at motorshow and it was beauty. Quite comfortable and spacious as well

Andrés CB says:

The 607 wasn't a good seller. This it's just the 407´s replacement and the 607´s death justification.

j69d says:

yeah thats nice, could imagine it'll stand out during the night!

Myriadman says:

I know the interior designer of the car, Adam Bazydlo. Personally I think that car's absolutely stunning!

mistamontiel says:


..S0 we know to keep watching or close. I couldn't tell but yeh fuck a automatic ultimately

livc44411 says:

(Peugeot have openly admitted to using the same supplier that Audi uses for its dashboard plastics).Anyway,it looks better than an Audi,it drives better than an Audi,it is more comfortable than an Audi…but since Audis only tend to be average this would only make the 508 a slightly better than average car 😉 7/10

Londo Mollari says:

@ihcim108 Those 2 cars are small and cramped. This one is much bigger.

TheJoeMB says:

It looks remarkbly good for a Peugeot. Better looking than the Mondeo and passat estates for sure

scootosan says:

for a peugee it looks good and a wagon to boot

Vizcaio says:

@kaimelis agreed… You are completely right… Looks like amateur work

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