Picking Up Girls in a Bugatti Chiron! (Launch Reaction)

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Picking Up Girls in a Bugatti Chiron! (Launch Reaction)
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Last video of Texas was crazy… we take out all of the cars, I actually drive the La Ferrari, and the Bugatti Chiron and we picked up a chick in the Bugatti!! then take out the Pagani to get gas, and I teach the boys how to do some flips

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silvis grockis says:

she a golddigger

Roberto Cruz says:

A little cozy but watrtaaa

Alex Makdissi says:

My dream car is a la Ferrari aswell

Mohammad Ershadi says:

👑The one and only king of the super cars BUGATTI👑 no discussion🚫

Alexander says:

I guess this guy will never stop looking like a 12-year-old

Callum Burton says:

Wow those cars are nice.😍👍

jordan cicchesi says:

This video is totally savage

Umair Qureshi says:

@melaniesanroman you guys can thank me with a sub

JAY booGey says:

Tanner she said shed beat u up lmaooo

JAY DUB 999 says:

Tanner is a simp

Cameron Gregory says:

I’m not gonna lie gage be stoned 😂😂😂

Evantsp playzYT says:

Does tanner drive the huayra

Shaunboym Is cool says:

Your trying to get LOTS of people jealous and ashamed 😂😭😞😂

Faze Equinox says:

I just wanna know why this girl in a obviously rich ass neighborhood is waiting on a Uber instead of driving her g wagon her dad bought her

John Pun says:

I love that Drew T-shirt.

Chrisb2755 says:

His house is bigger than faze rugs😂

Kira Baob says:

Gold digger exposed

biocybernaut says:

Who puts a mere $ 20 of gasoline into a Pagani?

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