Porsche 911 GT2 – Jay Leno's Garage

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Porsche 911 GT2. Taken to the ultimate extreme, a 911 Turbo on steroids.
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Porsche 911 GT2 – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


E Hawkins says:

So Jay with all those cars doesn't know how to pronounce PORSCHE ? lol . please

Rob Thomson says:

When your finished with it Jay just leave it in my garage plz

james timmons says:

he should get the gt2 rs weissach edition on the show,that thing is amazing,fastest car i ever drove so far.

Cut de Pie Fails says:

That man is an idiot. My days..

MrTrollin86 says:

What a stunning car. I love the 997 generation 911, however this specific car needs a full paint correction! Look at all those swirl marks in direct sunlight.

BigOats says:

Beautiful car!!!

david costard says:

10 tenths indeed.

Kustom Life says:

That air is cleaner out the exhaust stuff is crap. The Government wanted that on Semi truck diesel engines. There was no way to do it. Expensive air filters and fake numbers yup done.

J Grn says:

My wish is to be able to come to jay Leno's garage to just visit and be on a show to looks at your cars and enjoy the life one day of Leno's garage.love ya man.peace

Cam Whitman says:

Jay's getting a bit too cocky. It would do him good to spend a Saturday in traffic school. No online traffic school, but actual, take up your day, this sucks – classroom traffic school.

Michael says:

Carbon ceramic. It always sounds weird when Jay calls them carbon fiber brakes.

William Morales says:

Best Porsche yet 👍🙏✌️🌞😎🏎🍻

s allen says:

jay ,  dale from serigo machine says you and the porsche rep jack are lying about the exhaust emissions, and he drives a VW diesel.

Randall Fernando says:

Jay please review a RUF CTR

Peter Silie says:

Come to Germany and drive it on our Autobahn… 🙂

Ted DuPuis says:

Like Jay, I've said "por-sh" not "por-sha" my whole life, and I'm sticking with that. Those who don't like it can get off my lawn.

Rafael Anguiano says:

Jay hi it's me can you do a video on porshe 993 gt1?

Robert R O'Brien , Jr says:

You pronounce Porsche wrong Jay.


They beat you up because you deserve it


The rep is 🥶

Rui Malta says:

Fantastic show, well explained, very detailed and one spectacular Car!! I've enjoyed a lot!

Roger Dorn says:

I get concerned when someone is talking about Porsche and doesn’t have a German accent.

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