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Maykol De la torre says:

Olvídate q porsche se lo come fácil no necesita un v12

elvis01071987 says:

Gt 2 is a legend , Aventador is normal supercar

شربل مانزا says:

They don't even look like there racing. Seems so slow.

tulipano Chiara says:

Porsche n. 1

Slimster Slim says:

Funny how so many people don't get it.

Stair Lifts Installer says:

Well… who’s won ???? Couldn’t see???? They should have Tesla in front of a that sports cars 🤪🤪🤪🤪

Russell Arundell says:

I love Porsche and Lamborghini I’ve got both and for me driving enjoyment is the most important factor so the Aventador wins every time for the amazing v12 howl with no turbos in the exhaust to hold back the vocals, driving a Porsche gt car is awsome handling and performance but Lamborghini is a insane drive.

The Grinder2K17 says:

So we're not going to talk about the fact that this is an illegal race and the person recording is in both lanes at once and is using their phone on top of straddling lanes?

Monkey80llx says:


The Jelly Ranger says:

Cringe douche vs. cringe douche

Hendrie Kelder says:

Lambo is the underdog, screams fast, but hey..its not german engineerd

bmw2nv2000 says:

Gt2rs is one bad mofo.

Jacques Myburgh says:

Big lambo fan but that gt2 is insane

Patrick Jackman says:

It is to be desired by driver and car

Mr Bob says:

911 any day 😀

LazyFixer says:

This is the last time I am telling did you all forget the fear of supra ….

mafia rama says:

Porsche always look ugly

Ylva Bjarnson says:

That's how Paul Walker was killed

Yochanan Yisrael Davitt says:

Bugatti and porches are owned by VW so who do you think would win. My tyota yaris GR lol 😂

Mr Statistics says:

Porsche gaptized it 🤣

Dr. Jones ZE says:

In fact both of them are Volkswagen

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