Porsche 911 GT3 RS Review by Jeremy Clarkson #Porsche911

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Porsche 911 GT3 RS Review by Jeremy Clarkson

#Porsche911 #grandtour


oOo Taff oOo says:

Like holding on into something in Ron Jeremy range 😁😁😁

Kelveron says:

For all the slagging off Jeremy gave the BMW – how difficult it was to drive, blah, blah, blah – it seemed to keep up with the lighter Porsche!

zpetar says:

5:30 Like holding onto something from the Ron Jeremy range LMAO This is epic.

Younger generations have no idea what is talking about.

Danjel M says:

BMW will never be a sports-car. BMW = Arab car, hahaha……

Junior e39 ///M5 says:

The m4 is ugly anyway..e92m3 was the very best and last

NoobMaster 25 says:

I love how clarkson say so many good things about the porsche and so many bad things about the bmw yet put the bmw as the winner just because hammond has a gt3 rs…

G. V. Q says:

When I saw the beetle I instantly realised how sick I am of Jeremy Clarkson.

christdragon says:

I still don't understand Jeremy's hatred of the Porsche 911. I have an uncle who has a early 70's 911 SC Targa. I've ridden in it a few times. I have to agree with Hammond and May when it comes to the 911. Thanks.

Milo Hajek says:

How did BMW let that POS slip trough the manufacturing process. it truly is a terrible car

Milo Hajek says:

The 911 is the greatest sports car of all time….

saras paralkar says:

Sir I want to learn from u will u teach me how to race plzzzz sir please 🙏🙏🙏

Krabbe says:

The new one is 20 secs faster on the nordschleife

Chango Leon says:

3 Porsches later..still loving them.. saving up for my next one gt3 RS,…nothing like the feeling and sound of this animal

Daryl Suarez says:

This comparison isn't even fair. That BMW couldn't hold that cars dirty underwear.

Spidermight 805 says:

Chris Harris didn’t have anything good to say about the BMW either. But my dumb ass would probably love it. Ignorance is bliss! But I have an AWD RAV4. Don’t laugh-it’s an 07 with the BADASS 2GR-FE V6! 34k miles. Anything much more than this would truly be dangerous where I live, which is Ojai, Ca. Surrounded by awesome-yet-twisty mountainous roads of the Los Padres National Forest.

Welshie says:

Him narrating while performing excellent driving skills… zzz

Ryo Java says:

Let say BMW win because Jeremy Clarkson hate Richard Hammond 🤣🤣🤣

Frederic Belinga says:

Perhaps 275/30 on those back tires ?

PokeBros Productions says:

This is so fun to watch, someone with a deep down hate for people who support the Porsche brand, slowly begin to admit that Porsche is the best. Lmao

Mahuya Ghosh says:

i have toy of this😅😜

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