Porsche 911 Turbo S vs McLaren 720S: DRAG RACE

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This is the one you’ve all been waiting for! Porsche 911 Turbo S v McLaren 720S! It’s time for these two incredible machines to go head-to-head to find out which is the ultimate supercar of 2020! Combined, they put down an awesome 1,370hp and 1,570Nm of torque! But you know all that power doesn’t come cheap, with a combined value of £364,000!

The 720S has left all recent competitors in its wake, so can it take down the all-new Turbo S? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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carwow says:

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iLLGT2 says:

You can hear the 720 spinning a lot doesn’t mean turbo s is the faster car,

Eu Acredito Na Humanidade - Pedro Santos says:

The brake test really surprised haha

CH H.A gaming says:

Review the lexus lx 570

Sakellariou John says:

911 Porsche

Bseart Enimi says:

i can’t belive

Marcelo Henrique says:

O Paulo Korn deve ta cendoesse vídeo numa felicidade…

Mzwandile Jwili says:

I'd like to see the 918 vs the 911 Turbo S

Lance says:

I mean isn't the 1/4 time for the stock 720s clocked at 9.8 seconds? I think there could have been a better start but consistently points definitely goes to the Porsche. Hell of a car

Ali Sawari says:

2:45 why the hell the car is on auto mode shifting gear? shouldn't that be on manual mode for drag racing? this way we dont know for sure which one is faster

rocketing47 says:

Only proved what most already know. 4 wheel drive Porsche Turbos are virtually unbeatable over 400m. Over 800m or longer is a different story

In reality on track the power and lightness of the McLaren would easily see off the Turbo.

In any event the new Porsche is a hugely competent car

Magnus Maciejewski says:

wow that 911 absolutely dumped on the 720S on that first drag run, I did not expect that to happen

Flemming Lipsow says:

German cars are just better than everything else

Gonzalo Parisi says:

Do an all ferrari test

Nismo Kid says:

Porsche >

Bernard Chu Piek Yong says:

Porsche wins wow unbelievable

Dimas Arif says:

Damn That's new 911 turbo s f*cking insane fast… maybe if McLaren had 4WD , the winner is McLaren

RBS says:

It's actually an easy puzzle, That porsche has PDK magic touch!

Probir Das says:

I honestly think this 720S was a bit different. I mean even though its a RWD it picks up much faster in other vids! But the Porche is fast though!

Brent says:

All this proves is the guy in the white car sucks at racing.

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