Porsche 991.2 GT3RS & FAST BIKER on Nordschleife//.

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Last lap of the day was the fastest at a 7:40″ BTG with some traffic.
The whole day was pretty slow as there were so many accidents and yellow flags :s
The RS felt very good and I’m getting in the zone with it. What felt nice is how I can go full on the gas now at Ex-Mühle/Breitscheid and you feel the back hunkering down hard and pushing you up. This was way less with the GT4.
Also now I felt the aero of the car really working at some places. You can lean into it.

During this lap I run into a very fast and good driving biker. Before you post all the comments about how dangerous I drive behind him, my foot is stand-by on the brake and you know when you are driving behind a experience biker or not. Also nice that he let me pass at the right moment. We also gave a big thumbs up to each other for the fun lap.

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carry on sailing says:

You did a great job here and lot of work has gone into the practice. Why not turn your hand at clubsport and also, none of my business, but perhaps wear some better protective clothing. You have air con anyway!

Todd Engel says:

"7:40" with that much traffic is impressive!!! Nice driving!

Joe Cracco says:

great fun. clearly the Porsche was faster b/c the driver was 'pedaling' the car for a long time while still gaining on the bike. Impressive driving/riding by both!

pierre ange sency says:

Je veux bien que l on joue un peu ..mais il le motard pousse trop et ne tien pas compte du comportement a qvoir sur circuit. Il met ce fesant sa vie et celle des autre pilote en jeu. A un moment il faut etre lucide il n avait pas la moindre chance. Non pas qu il soit mauvais pilote, mais il faut accepter que que sur un.circuit aussi sinueux il ne pouvait pas faire la différence face a la gt3.. inutile de prendre des risques de la sorte et d empêcher le dépassement. Pitoyable… et cela ternis l immage du motard dans son enssemble… ridicule et inutile…

Fredrick Nilsson says:

That bikedriver has some skills. If you have a fast car and want to test something more difficult then buy a sportbike.

BEN 2017 says:

Title: when biker thinking to be the faster in nurburgring, but gt3 scratched him

phxxr650r says:

Wow! That was fun thanks for the ride.

Brian said it so it Must be true says:

06:17 OWNED!

babu kannan says:

Supperb …amazing driving

Sage LaRue says:

Pfft, more like fast biker in the way of a faster Porsche 911

fnk8833 says:

This is what smart people do. Instead of driving fast on public streets where most people are just trying to get home safely to their love one's after a long day. They take their cars to the track. I wish more fast drivers did this.

Local Guy says:

Spoiled little rich kid has no respect for the others on the road. This is what kills families on the freeway. Next time take it to the track.

ad mobile4 says:

Solid driving skills.

Shirosake says:

At 5:34 – "God damnit. Shit. Can't believe I missed that. Son of a …..smh."

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