Porsche 9ff GT9 409 km/h in Papenburg

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Porsche 9ff GT9 409 km/h in Papenburg


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Justin Johnson says:

Name of song?

MrNeskio says:

well, the buggati can do all that effortlessly while being a civilized calm daily driver, with full upholstery, carpets and no need for a roll cage and hideous bodykits.
And it weights over 500kg than the porsche.

The porsche can only keep up with extensive weight reduction solutions, over pushed engines ect. Its A LOT lighter and build for top speed, and it ONLY wins by 4km/h? That's laughable.

The buggati is a better car in all aspects. A real car, not a hard, stripped 1-thing-only machine

DeepBlueDDR says:

i just wasted a minute of my life watching a set of stills instead of what i hoped was a 9ff going round the papenburg test track

Anoop P says:

bugati sux porsche rox

Andrew Mclean says:

could look better.

Nicusor bourosu says:

i fuck porsche….i cant have him :))

dasAdi31 says:

I love Porsche !!! Porsche 4 ever

slimshady says:

better than a bugattie veyron hahaha

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