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Porsche Cayenne: drifting, off-roading and review

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We take the Porsche Cayenne Turbo drifting, the S off-roading and economy-test the Hybrid.

Read the whole review at: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/videos/featuresvideos/250966/porsche_cayenne_review.html

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Marcel Tansie says:

Porsche is crazy wooh!

Shadow XX says:

Who buys a porsche with hybrid. If your driving a porsche you want sound and give a fuck on consumption.

Symbolic Automotive says:

Does the Cayenne S sound better than the Turbo since the S doesn't have turbos?

niceguy60 says:

Hybrids don't make any economic sense , they are Rip OFF !!!
You pay £4000 more for the privilege of saving £200 in fuel per year

Alexandre G says:

What about e-hybrid?

Bradford Chow says:

Porsche zombies get it through your thick skull, they are ripping you off. Cayenne essentially a Panamera with a lift. Suckers get ripped off by Porsche just no bang for the buck. HIstory = Ferrari, Price = America (Zr1/Hellcat/Viper) Overrated = POORshe lol

ha med says:

What's the soundtrack that starts in 3:30?

Dawid Superszybki says:

☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
/▌ all over Youtube
/ so he can take over and take down Google+

777Outrigger says:

And touching on Toyota, CR just removed the Camry and Rav4 from it's recommended list because of repeated failures on the IIHS's new 'small overlap' crash test. And what's up with all the Toyota recalls these days? It certainly seems that Toyota is not the company it once was.

777Outrigger says:

Sounds like Jeep. Reliability is in the acceptable range, but not great, and the fit and finish is a little shoddy sometimes. And LR is not the only European car to have electric/electronic problems. Mercedes and VW/Audi do too. Volvo also had a weak area there, but Ford fixed it. It was the only good thing that happened for Volvo under Ford ownership.

777Outrigger says:

I know LR has had that reputation, but don't the reliability surveys show a great improvement in the last few years?

Alaatin61 says:

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Baldev Hundal says:

Hi friends i am contemplating buying car ,can any one suggest which out of Audi Q 3 S, BMW 180 and Volvo V40 is more suitable for indian conditions is more suitable for indian conditions

John Scott says:

Very informative review, while being fun to watch. Well done.

Ryozanpaku says:

This is as good, if not better, as Top Gear!

LDN13Y says:

I really do wish they would use a different presenter -.- same with carbuyer reviews as well.

LDN13Y says:

I can't tell whether you're sarcastically taking the piss ?
Or deaf, blind and dumb ?

jardatennis says:

Gd review, this guy knows what he is talking about. Well done.


Matt, you are amazing!

antonio lima says:

…as aerodynamic as a Hippo ?!? Massive LOL


great review ,simply mind blowing,eexcellent depiction of the reality of porsche breed


Hi Hand some,please review the 2013 diesel s v8,4.2.thanks for being great in your business vir

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