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Porsche Cayenne Off-road Test – SpeedingToday

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Impressive performance by the Porsche Cayenne.
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salim alhinai says:

Off $$$$$$$$$$

Joeybabbs .BABBS says:

mud whole made so the front wheels are out by the time the back gets in.. fake news. fail

Alan Serpa says:

What year porsche is it in this video?

Edy Dj says:

the exhaust pipes look like theyre vommiting

TAll Ran says:

If I bought a car like that it would be a mall queen and a grocery hauler. If I want to go off road I'll buy a junk truck and use it instead.

Brett B. says:

Waste of money get the 911tt instead

DeepWater Gaming says:

when u got the same model but in 2016 that one looks like a sissy.

krychub6 says:

Dla nissan terrano 2 taki teren to pikuś nawet by sie nie spocił

Коля Чувашин says:


Malik Martin says:

The only thing I like is the M.I.L.F. Porsche? Not impressed with the bio degrable Porsche inundated with confounding electronics, fragile gadgets and a constipated price tag.

Владимир Щербак says:

да они далбаны. у нас пол страны по таким дорогам на жигулях ездят

adel adel says:

ولا اروع

Ron McCaffrey says:

a proper 4wd test would have shown the vehicle's pro's and con's

Foxtrot says:

totalement idiot.

Yolo Fapper says:

Show me single vehicle that have better offroad capability than Cayenne and runs sub 8 minute Nurburgring lap times.

mohammed elamine Zita says:

expensive + electronics + complicated … hard jobs for toyota so far

Rafael C says:

ow man, buy a troller

The F150 is Stylish says:

an expensive suv off road hell nah

BorossAngkor says:

You want off roading get a Jeep Wrangler anything else get a sport car!! Get that sissy Porches off my trails or my Jeep will crawl over yah.. LOL.

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