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Porsche Cayenne stuck in water

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Porsche Cayenne bleibt im Wasser stecken. Gefilmt in Hamburg nach einem heftigen regen.

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Porsche has developed active all-wheel-drive for the new Cayenne driving the rear wheels and transmitting power to the front wheels through an electronically controlled, map-based multiple-plate clutch operating as a function of driving conditions.

The two main reasons for choosing this technology were the reduction of weight and the wish to make the new Cayenne even more agile on the road. But at the same time it almost goes without saying that the Cayenne offers all the offroad qualities required by the customer under normal conditions.

This active all-wheel-drive may be supplemented for the first time on request by Porsche’s new PTV Plus: Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus uses variable torque distribution on the rear wheels as well as an electronically controlled rear axle differential lock, thus increasing both driving dynamics and stability in bends.

This new hang-on all-wheel drive is featured on the Cayenne, the Cayenne S and the Cayenne Turbo with their high standard of driving dynamics, while the Cayenne Diesel and the Cayenne S Hybrid come with permanent all-wheel drive incorporating a self-locking centre differential.

See the Video of the Cayenne wrecked in water:

The entry-level model is the 3.6-litre V6 Cayenne. Despite engine output now raised to 300 bhp, fuel consumption in the New European Driving Cycle in combination with optional eight-speed Tiptronic S is down versus the former model by 20 per cent to 9.9 ltr/100 km, equal to 28.5 mpg imp. The Cayenne Diesel*, in turn, with its three-litre V6 delivering maximum output of 240 bhp (176 kW) and peak torque of 550 Newton-metres (406 lb-ft), likewise consumes 20 per cent less fuel than before, in this case 7.4 instead of the former 9.3 ltr/100 km, equal to an improvement from 30.4 to 38.2 mpg imp.

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Privatier says:

German shit.

CarGuy TV says:

Cayenne owner thought he is unstopable because he own porsche . I have no idea what he thought but if he thought that javing a porsche allows him to drive through ocean then i wish him luck in life. Doesn't fucking matter what can of expensive car you have. Driving through the water with petrol engine will usually ends up in this way.

hello says:

You're supposed to go slow. Not fast through water

Edy Dj says:

it broke not start

Paul T says:

3ton car good luck with two people pushing

Benzinio says:

Nobody said, drive like an idiot 🙂

trexler666 says:

stupid germans

Jakub Wójcik says:

went a bit too fast

Dr Peter jones says:

Which would you like? Spend 35 k on getting a degree and it would be
worth something…or spend 56 k on a supermarket trolley Porsche and
have still no idea what you did wrong ?


Finally that car goes into salvage title

小油條哥哥 says:


Lukas Sampel says:

he isn't a good driver

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