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Porsche Cayenne v BMW X6 M v Infiniti FX v Range Rover Sport drag race by autocar.co.uk

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Spectacular 4×4 drag race

What would you like to see go head-to-head in our next drag race? Let us know in the comments below

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Animal Loverjulian says:

Wow that bmw and cayenne are both very fast includeing the Range Rover but it's obvious that the Europeans are faster than japanese

Ford Motors says:

X6 is obviously faster

dubaicentripetal says:

Range Rover L322 in desert jaguar 300 HP

galaxusia lps says:


Řëåpêŕ Đřäģøñ says:

Funny how the comments are full of BMW Haters, BMW X6 M E71 won, get over it kids…


Nice video , btw which music was used in the background..?

Tota Vullnet says:

Bmw x5m or x6m fucks every other car

Ярослав Владими says:

Сравнили жопу с пальцем..

Serious type says:

А теперь цены покажите)

hatem ali for objection says:

hahahahah i like how they bring Porsche Cayenne BMW X6 M , Range Rover Sport this heavy metal and they put between them Infiniti FX ahahhah i lought so much , like you bring in lions fight dog ahahah i mean what the hell Infiniti FX doing here at all this is bitches car should not come here at all guys walk up

AgletDC says:

The infinite is like 40k .

utubecomment21 says:

And which one will still be around after the weekend. well, we all know of Range Rover's flawless relatability, and the Cayenne doesn't seem to be any better. My friends X5 is falling apart as we speak and it's debatable if it'll do a 1/4 mile run without breaking down, which means; if you have one ounce of feeling for your bank balance, the Infinity wins!

C.G.O Recordz says:

Unfair comparison

юрий фурман says:

Пздц тупые англичане
Сравнили 500 сильные машины с 400 сильным фиником

gokul suresh says:

Where is GLs63 AMG

Karakuza Mink says:

Fat British boar in Infiniti.

BlueFireJack says:

We all knew which one would win.

Dallas Cowboys Talk says:

i think the 2012 inifinity fx 35 v6 is actually faster than the v8

PussMag says:

To be fair, remove the FX, or do it again with base model V8.

puerco cincoseissiete says:

Infiniti is heavy and well build and looks cool.


fx is the most gorgeous

fabian Athiah says:

awesome m power with a chick driving ?

Tomasz Rzeznik says:

throw in new supercharged grand cherokee srt and lets see how slow bmw is lol. Srt does 0-60 3.5 sec

Sweet * says:

пидарас жирный ты научись стартовать правильно, хуй американский.

Jay Man says:

xm6 has 555 hp not 547.

SL says:

BMW murdered them

Emily Bets says:

Iam surprised Porshe came second not first. Black Porshe and red BMW look stunning and RR is ok. ..but infinite lol… it's a joke.

Mike B says:

Yeah the BMW may be quick but it's bloody ugly.

iVlogBuzz says:

The Cayenne by default sets off in 2nd unless you switch in 1st!
You also need to turn off PSM for a test like this.

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