Porsche GT2 RS Exhaust SOUND! REVS, Driving Scenes & Accelerations!

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Roman Prokofev says:

Осаживает конкретно…

Steve Fowler says:

I own a 2019 GR GT2 RS w/WP and Magnesium wheels…this video doesn't do the car justice. In sport exhaust mode they sound like they mean business, with all sorts of beastly pops and whistles and backfires and turbo groans and wooshes. Beyond the world class performance, the car rolls and steers like a million dollars, a real engineering masterpiece. I just got mine 45 days ago and still getting to know her. I don't drive her much but am taking her to Sebring in October for a PCA DE…really looking forward to that.

dom cusano says:

I like how it sounds like you’ve put a 747 engine on a leaf blower

Associate Mario says:

Umm,,, It's a strange sound that sounds like someone's coughing, sometimes too high hysteric loud.

urfana khatoon says:

That my dream car bro

maxx1991 says:

You can hear the trubo whistle

Peter Post says:

Strassenforschrift, der Spoiler ist viel zu weit, zu gefaehrlich, der jemand abmaehen kann, soll verboten werden

GPB says:

This AND the 720S ARE the hypercar killers!😍

Bitcoin Ninja says:

That green one looks like a beast


sounds like a gt4 cayman

VP says:

I'd pick this car for sure! Hope I can afford one

Anthony Lee says:

“Speak softly but carry a big stick” – Gt2 RS to the Gt3 RS


Sounds bad in high rpm

Iker del Palacio says:

Where's the airfield where the drag races took place?

scrolex says:

Sounds like a bitch compared to the gt3 rs

Anon E. Moose says:

This car is gorgeous in any color.

Doug Harlow says:

where's the finish line camera?

Rafael Serrano Photos says:

3:50, wait everybody, i have a flight to catch

Funnyshish says:

Evidently Porsche spend about 5 minutes on the exhaust sound

Nucky Luciano says:

BR Geen for the win.

Yazdan says:

GT3 sounds waaay better

Krabbe says:

Stupid exhaust claps are closing all the time

Rameses Levi-El says:

what color blue is this?????? OMG

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