Porsche GT9

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Nicholas Rufford drives the Porsche GT9

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98snakeeater says:

I'm guessing that thing will go airborne LONG before it hits 250+

2,asg476tfrgh47f47tfr says:

Man your makin' a fool outta you. Nissan isn't worth a laugh!

petro1986 says:

The Veyron stands out from every other car on the road. This looks like a tinkered 911, and how many of those do you see???

Gary Campbell says:

that is 1 seriously ugly looking car!! Not even that fast! 0-60 is poor! how dare he compare with a veyron lol anyway each too there own!

Steve Woodhead says:

Is this car road legal??? The whole point of the veyron is that it can do those kind of speeds on the road! Cars have been able to do that speed on a track for years its nothing special

hmfy says:

255mph it does

DM 2MW says:

Yes the 911 is the best Porsche ever… but enough of this rehashing the same car over and over and over again please!
It 's making a lot of us out here puking our brains out already.
And it's not even a stand-out vehicle as the Veyron – which is in the same stable of the Volkswagen family as with Porsche…
And this one is one ugly piece of design crapness.

Kevy Harte says:

what a pile of crap 288kmh?? bugatti does over 400!! im assuming this is a mistake cos a standard gt3 would even do that!!

PEDSuit says:

AWESOME!!! I want one! (but the veyron is better)

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