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Porsche Macan Turbo (Team Review) – Fifth Gear

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This week the team have a look at the Porsche Macan Turbo and have a little game to see who can get the most G round a corner!

Vicki: 9.5/10
Jonny: 9/10
Tiff: 7.5/10

Team Test Score: 26/30!

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The Shadow Man says:

Vicky an awesome car lady from way before the whole equality crap, she was accepted because she is good at what she does and not based on what she has between her legs.

Bavishan Sritharan says:

0:57 has a yawn got into the way of your speaking? what happened there

Gustavo says:

This car does not look stylish from the outside, but rather boring looking.

Nathan King says:

Die American jet pattern deck favor developer look definitely gathering.

Jetdot37 says:

Some third wheeling going on….both on the track and in the car.

xr500t says:

That was the most hideous SUV. A Car that hops around a corner? YIKES, I was not expecting that. That deserves a ZERO…Take that Porsche badge off.

piperbob2 says:

Macan Owners – What's the long-term reliability like of the Macan and Porsches generally ?

MAG 7 says:

1:03 chay means tea

Pat Fenis says:

Why on earth would anyone ever buy his car, they can't even put the damn steering wheel on the correct side!!!!

Marcos Vinicius Celestrino says:

Eu daria 10 a ele!

Walking dog says:

"You nutter" ?

DogOfFire - Roblox and More! says:

My dad owns a Macan S but the turbo is faster. and your saying you dont like it.

Chase Vineland says:

I love these team reviews!

3ridetec says:

will there ever be a 30/30

Jacky Zheng says:

破鞋 慢砍~

Ali Qazi says:

7.5 you are bullshite journalist

Rodney Scholtz says:

The lady beat them to it. Enough said ?✋?

Christian Siauwijaya says:

Macan is pronounced Mascahn not Makann actually…

Massimo says:

too many buttons.

Nicholas Hartanto says:

as an indonesian im really annoyed by tiff's pronunciation of macan. its called macan not makan

David Vanderson says:

Jonny is an idiot.   I drove the GTS model last week and  didn't experience any hopping at the limit.  The Macan is the closet you can come to an SUV version of the 911.  It's brilliant. To comment on the Comments below comparing the Macan to the Audi Q5.  I drove a QS5 and it's a good, but not even close the Macan in how it drives.

usskid11 Usskid says:

all retards!!! fifth gear is gone!!! how many faces can they make? jesus

_Riq _ says:

mccunt?! xd

Edgars Ļebedevs says:

The most expensive one???? FOR 59,648 GBP? That would be about 70,672 EUR. The CHEAPEST one (basic model) I can get in Latvia cost 84,942 eur which would be about 72 000 pounds. What the… ????

joel c says:


iVlogBuzz says:

I prefer my console of my Cayenne, this with all those button will just look dated in no time!

Dimas R says:

as an Indonesian… They pronounce "Macan" wrong -__-

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