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Porsche Macan Turbo v BMW M3 | evo DRAG BATTLE

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We put the new Porsche Macan Turbo up against the BMW M3 in a straight line drag race. Which one’s your money on?


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Peter benn pan says:

His and her cars for a family of 2.4 children ?

RGA1 says:

M3 is actually equivalent to an Audi S3? Really?

Valentin león says:

Have both cars, gotta say that macan is way cooler…

Carl Speed says:

Subscribed!!! cool videos. It would be nice to have a final chart with each cars specs, times, and also their trap speeds at the 400m and 1000m so its easier to evaluate the results. Cool videos, keep them coming!

Sapient Budgie says:

Except around a track they are even closer. Macan turbo any day as your daily.

kadpagan4 says:

Can you compare f80 m3 vs golf R vs Audi rs3

Drew B says:

Totally unfair- 4WD heavier more spacious SUV v RWD saloon with far less drag

N/A soundsSoGood says:

Need to see Porsche 911 GT3RS or even gt3 against any BMW GT3RS will blow the doors of BMW and I'm not even talking bout bring out the turbo s that's different animal

bmw e46 lover says:

do not fuck with bmw bmw kills porsche

wojtek gorski says:

those test are very cool but the inconsistency is slightly annoying. some cars are raced on 800m some on 1000km, therefore you cant really compare them afterwards.

Lucas Cucurull says:

what a horrible comparison lol

skotno says:

i m sorry EVO.
I watched all of your drag race videos but this one is pointless.
Even heavily modified Macan is not match for M3.

Daniel Johnson says:


ZAPMAN97 says:

well fucking obviously, what were you trying to prove that a saloon can beat an SUV? like people didnt already know that a smaller, lighter car will clearly beat a larger heavier car, even though it has AWD and the bmw having 431 hp vs the macans 400

ziher123 says:

A brick vs proper sports car, hilarious:)

Tuddec says:

You can change launch rpm in the BMW using the cruise control switch on the steering wheel. 3000 rpm is way too much, it would've done better if you launched it at 2000-2200.

Jean Marc FRANCOIS says:

Not the same category ! A suv is not a sport car ! A brick vs a sport car. Logical for the m4 is winer

jvallager says:

I was watching other comparison videos with the Macan, so I saw Macan vs X3, not M3. Why the heck would you pit these two together? Is the next video going to be, M3 vs 918? Who's your money on for that one?

Chuan Yong says:

Oh so the lighter more powerful sedan walks it? Surprise Surprise. Pointless vid.

jason starek says:

So the lighter, lower car, with more horsepower won. Wow.

devan singh says:

well this is expected tho. i dont kno why yhis was even done. Try the cayenne for a more even fight and even then theres still weight and aerodynamic advantage for the m3. but still would have been less of waste of time than this

KING Performance says:

Check Out our Bmw M3 F80 Videos with a lot of nice modifications for extra Power 😉

SS8000cars says:

Told you Turbo Macan great car in almost every way but just not enough power.

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