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Porsche Macan Turbo vs Cayman GTS – is the SUV a sports car on stilts?

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We pit two very different cars from Porsche’s range against each other in one of our famous track battles! Which comes out on top?

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Porsche’s range is bigger than ever, and we’re testing two of the newest and most exciting models – the Macan Turbo and Cayman GTS. The cars couldn’t be more different – the Macan a sports SUV, whereas the Cayman GTS is a more powerful version of the Cayman S. They both cost under £60,000, but how different are they on track?

The Cayman GTS has 340bhp and 380NM of torque. It’ll hit 60mph in 4.6 seconds and weighs just 1,345kg. When it comes to price, it’s going to set you back just over £55,000. The Macan Turbo has 400bhp and 550NM of torque, but it tips the scales at 1,925kg and will cost you just over £59,000, but it’ll still hit 60mph in just 4.8 seconds.

The Cayman GTS is an absolute delight to drive around a circuit and set an impressive lap time of 1:10.5 seconds. That’s 1.2 seconds faster than a Cayman S. How does the Macan Turbo compare?

The end result wasn’t much of a surprise – the Cayman showed a clean pair of heels to the Macan around the test track, but there’s more to these cars than racing against a stopwatch. The Cayman GTS is simply one of the finest cars I’ve ever driven on a circuit. It’s beautifully balanced and an absolute joy to drive.

The Macan isn’t as at its best when it’s chasing a lap time, but it’s got lots of grip and a very smooth, powerful and refined engine, and it’s one of the best sports SUVs you can buy. So, in our minds, both of these Porsches are winners.

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Arthur Berner says:

just look at who buys the BMW's, people on budget some of them do not even have money and who buys the Porsches, people with the businesses. Good bless Porsche!!!

Aleidi Guillen says:

Porsche Cayman is a suv

Rahar Gaming says:

2:132:15 u can see its the automatic, plus… another body color… hahahah and the review is on a blue manual…

david dykeman says:

I'd have them both if money wasn't an issue. This GTS will be my next car. I'd prefer the GT4 but can't stand the wing. Anyway…..

supersebazzz says:

Haha this guy is wearing a longsleeve polo on top of a polo wtf, brownfashioncombo

Stampy Cat says:

What is the blue ones price in American money? Can someone help

ReticentIndignation says:

3:10 he looks like he's about to fall asleep yet he's actually really excited whilst driving the Cayman GTS…

NewBPure says:

so much awesomeness

1m7y says:

Great individual cars but ridiculous comparison.

The HCR says:

Fact: The name macan is mean of tiger in indonesian

BubbaSmurft says:

Rather redundant calling it a "sports SUV".

Stefan Unson says:

I definitely agree with him when he said he can drive the Cayman GTS 'all day long'. That's b/c I have driven the RUF 3400S the most with my Thrustmaster T500RS on GT6 winning the most races.

Joel Galindo says:

I would love to own the Cayman GTS. That's my number 1 dream car over any car in this world!♡

koruki says:

While driving the Macan: "If you've gonna be driving it hard on circuit all the time… " ahh no.

SynethicDE says:

wrong video at 2:12 … seriously Auto Express 😉

Daniel O'Connell says:

The sounds in the backround while he speaks is as if a serial killer is about to attack. WTF?

Der Eine says:

Wirklich Schade das  Porsche von den VW Zuhältern dazu gezwungen wurde sowas zu produzieren… Porsche würde wahrscheinlich die besten Autos der Welt produzieren wenn sie nicht die NUTTE von VW wären…. der schlimmste Fehler der jemals passiert ist in dieser Hinsicht….

ironcityblue says:

The Cayman would have done a couple seconds better with PDK and probably 5 seconds under even that in sport plus left in full auto. Reviews love to paddle shift though 😉

tokekkk says:

Now bring 4 people to fit inside those 2 cars…and we have a clear winner…

StudioDuRhone says:

2014 Cayman GTS is so awesome…

Sandra Rios says:

I think Porshe could make the Macan a supercar of sorts if they give it the "Juke GT-R" treatment like Nissan did. Drop it down, give it some fender flares, and some nice wide wheels and it will go from looking like an SUV to a hot hatch, just like the Juke GT-R. A stock Juke looks like a regular, biggish SUV, but after the GT-R treatment, it looks a lot smaller and like it was meant to be a hot hatch from the start. I think Porsche could definitely pull off the same effect with the Macan.

JappyChan says:

Macan Turbo has gone along way. I used to think that Porsche SUV's look like gay trash (no offense to any gay people). This new one looks furious as hell. I want. 

Viking Power says:

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe and Range Rover are so much hotter than these sterile re-badged Volkswagens!!

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