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Porsche Macan v BMW X4 Review: Potent Petrol SUVs under $100k

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Spending $100,000 on an SUV is becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Australia, but never before has there been so much choice, particularly if the ‘S’ in SUV means anything to you.

The new Porsche Macan and BMW X4 to take on the existing Range Rover Evoque and Audi SQ5. All four SUVs are all-wheel drive and showcase just how good an SUV can be for the driving enthusiast in all of us.

Putting aside the Range Rover Evoque as it’s cheaper, four-cylinder-only and getting on a bit, and Audi’s SQ5 as it’s diesel-only, we’re pitting a Porsche Macan S petrol against a top-spec BMW X4 35i.

http://www.caradvice.com.au/301569/?yt_desc – Read the full review here.

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What? says:

Your “M Sport” badge doesn’t mean shit.

Lemmy Lempaa says:

macan my dream car!

Gustavo says:

I test drove both, and went for the loaded X4. The macan is just too boring to look at. Neither one is for those who want a Uhaul kind of car. It is true about the interior, X4 is the best, love the style of the exterior.

1UJ4 says:

Macan is a q5 just with porsche look

Takuan says:

LMAO. The bimmer looks like a creased bread van. It's a good car though. I'll take that Porsche any day.

Rocking in a free world says:

Porsche badge any day !

thurstonhowellthe4rd says:

One looks good, the other looks like a Beemer. Bahaha!

LC says:

lol, will be getting my x4 2015 for 30K. would I select Macan? yeas absolutely for the same price.

Katuta Chewe says:

Love the seat belts quality of the Macan….hard to admit for a die hard BMW fanatic!

santo raja says:

Did you know?macan is inspired by Sumatra Tiger from Indonesia.

greenimpala says:

"this is the new BMW X4, it's got a BMW badge." – wow, how long did it take to work that out?

Marcel Tansie says:

Its like Macdonald lol

Cave Edico says:

macan r way more expensive

Ethan Dean says:

Macan any day of the week!

reasoning2men says:

the macan looks like a 1960s car, this is 2017 wake up !!!

Flower Lv says:

Macan car is beautiful

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