Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S: DRAG RACE, FULL REVIEW AND VMAX | Top Gear

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Porsche Taycan vs Tesla Model S Drag Race – clarification: http://bit.ly/Tesla_Taycan_Clarification

It’s the EV heavyweight battle you’ve been waiting for: In the green corner, the £140k, 750bhp Porsche Taycan Turbo S. In the red corner, the £100k, 754bhp Tesla Model S Performance Ludicrous+. To find out which is best, we test both on the road, drag strip, autobahn and at the charging station. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear

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Imtiaz Ahmed says:

Americans do better marketing. And superior machine, that's just a german thing.
look at preferences while developing the car, tesla emphasized on things that could be marketed easily while Porche made a better car. overall Tesla is good car but Porche is Porche baby.

Grizzly Reaper says:

Guys check carwow drag race, these guys love Tesla … and these bew guys don't deserve to be in Top gear. I rather have Jeremy Clarkson!!

BJC T says:

Tesla: The utilitarians car

Porsche: The drivers car

the zamasu says:

Salut…j’ai eu un accident de voiture et je ne peux pas participer à des rendez-vous que je devais mettre en ligne sur ytb… abonnez-vous svp

Vance Peck says:

you can literally change the sensitivity of the steering lol

tempus fugit says:

Every drag race I've seen on YouTube between the taycan turbo s and Tesla model s performance has the taycan winning. Are they all lying?

D' r says:

Tesla the fastest EV & low cost

Eli Druckman says:

Tesla’s been dethroned:
Roadster 2.0: hold my beer

YitHenn Tan says:

The moment when I saw Tesla taking over Porsche I was already about to leave the thumbs down lol

ismail hussain says:

tesla model s is cheaper then tycan but tesla looks cool the tycan

Arfazul Plays says:

bruh do they know: LUDICROUS

sandip giri says:

Tesla is a rolemodel of taycan itself

Louis Duran says:

£40k for one tenth quicker

Screptos 44 says:

hmm 138800 vs 95800, next week Nissan GTR vs VW Golf.

Sanjeev singh says:

@topgear has now turned into a money making channel , which i feel after watching half of this video. I guess Porsche might have paid for this video or @topgear might have begged. Who knows🤑

Mars says:

what a fair comparison… wait the porsche costs 40.000 $ more and still is less convenient and less efficient. For the price you could buy an extra tesla model 3. The porsche is a good car no doubt but not even in the league of a tesla.

MikaelS. says:

Who gives a shit about the 0-100 time unless you use it for drag races?
I would instead wish they launched a version with an actual range incease. The current range across all versions are just too shitty for those who want an everyday car.

Ashutosh Garg says:

Bring in model s plaid when it gets out and then race them…

Ty Saedal says:

Tesla is worse in every way, in comparison to Porche.

Vidur Chanana says:

Surprised that he didn't talk about autonomous driving at all. Great!

Чистый Киев says:

Макан , каен , кайман , Тайкан . Балван , шаман , капан , бабкан , Я МОГУ СОТНЯМИ НОВЫЕ ПОРШИ ПРИДУМЫВАТЬ )))))))

V says:

Taycan all day every day

m_razii says:

This is the most silent drag race I have ever seen

clash technology siva says:

Bro Tesla model s plaid is coming , it can finish quarter mile less than 9 second

rybackracing says:

Front end of the Taycan is odd.

DDUB says:

Porsche bias us or what LOL 😂 this good a joke

Ahmad Siddiqi says:

I think most gasoline powered cars will remove the edge Tesla cars have on pickup since thats one of the things that has kept Tesla in the discussions.

Guessmy Destination says:

Fake news 🥱

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