Post Malone's $1.7M Hypercar DELIVERED to my House!

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If you’re interested in buying Post Malone’s McLaren Senna for $1.7million USD…please email

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CaRz 164 says:

I can see why i don't watch you anymore.

vince alexis bongcaras says:

I’ll buy it in 2 more years

Chang khang yu chang khang yu says:

Audi tt saw it. Mclaren senna xp audi tt you are dump

Andre Stewart says:

$1.7 million car and 1.7 million views lol 🤷🏽‍♂️

Brandon Mays says:

As I watched the video the title says $1.7 million dollar car and there was 1.7 million views at the time. Thought that was neat

Duckisthename says:

Where’s the lambo gallrado

Duckisthename says:

What happened to the focus and corvette I’ve been gone for a while you’ve did a lot to the corvette since I last saw it

Anthony Smith says:

Soooooo it’s gonna get used for what it was intended for🤔………….yeah right! 😒👈🏽


Talking about senna for sale I drive a scooter and am upgrading to a razor

Rodger Rodriguez says:

Anyone know the name of the beat at 5:53 ?


Great visuals, you are talking about Post Malone who make amazing music and it is pity that you use not really outstanding music for the editing.. atleast the sound of the cars will make it more better 👍

ASB 1192 says:

1:42 yea 40k for an exhaust seems a lot for a car you’re just leasing

Enrique Palomares says:

This dude is really annoying lmao

The Dube says:

So I’m curious about custom exhausts. Are exhausts so intrinsically different that one for Strad’s car warrants $40,000 for one other than that perhaps hyper car owners might be able to afford it?

The Dube says:

FYI. I’m signed up for all notifications but am only seeing this video in my recommendations.

Roger Rolex 69 says:

Dude ur soooooo immature it’s stupid!!!!

Eric Kenny Productions says:

I'd absolutely love to have this car, but I don't even have more than $2,000, lmao.

Nathan Bryant says:

I think the State of Utah is paying him to say the State of Utah…

Ricky Barrera says:


G. Money says:

How does he make money?

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